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Women In Wine Interview: Getting Boozy in the Kitchen with Abby

If you need some inspiration of what to make for dinner then head on over to

Abby is the blogger behind My Boozy Kitchen, she has her pulse on what's happening in the food and beverage industry and will have you drooling.

The images of her food will make you ravenous and I'm pretty sure some of her concoctions maybe illegal 😊

What inspired you to start your blog?

It is kinda a longish story so I’ll try to keep it short. I Promise…. One biggest reason my absolute passion for cooking. In fact I actually started blogging 2009. Originally I wanted to write a cook book something simple for beginners. Then my pc crashed and lost everything. So then I thought well why don’t I do it in a blog format. So I did. Life and work happened and so I stopped 2013. The fire got ignited again in 2017 when I moved to Worcester. I was absolutely gobsmacked at the amazing wines in this region. I had no idea there where even wine farms after the tunnel. (Well except for Robertson of course) I thought I must share this with the world. From 2013 to 2017 I had grown so much as a person including my absolute passion for wine. I thought what if I combine the two and do recipes that contain wine and booze. Hence My Boozy Kitchen was born.

You obviously love wine and food. Where do you get your recipe inspiration from?

Most of the time I never follow a recipe, so when I stumble across one I am oooooh this sounds nice – right so … what booze will go with it. Then just make it up as I go.

Many times I forget what I did – my hubby would say after he licked his fingers –would say My Sweetie did you write this one down?

Baking however I need a recipe…. an one that I can stick too – 3 hours later I still have a carrot cake in the oven and raw as anything because I wanted to do my own thing

So after an extensive search on the internet – I may find something similar – then I Google “can you add this instead of that”- I have had many baking flops

Covid-19 has affected many people and businesses. The Wine and hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit. How can an everyday South African assist these industries?

By supporting our wineries – go visit them. Buy their wines directly at the cellar or online. If they have restaurants or additional activities support them as well. Travel local, instead of saving up for that overseas trip for when ever – travel your own country. Explore parts of SA that you may have never experienced. Most importantly support local and small businesses.

What is your favourite off the wall weird wine (or any other alcoholic drink) and food pairing ? Where the food and wine shouldn’t go together but works so well.

I have to say – Pinotage and Milktart and it was the best mind blowing pairing ever. I even used that pairing for one of our work events and I had one of the wine connoisseur utterly telling me this pairing makes no sense and I should not have put the two together.

Needless to say at the end of the evening. He apologised and said his mind was blown away he ,honestly thought wouldn’t work.

Have you noticed any trends emerging in the wine industry that you would like to


I think wine in a can – I like how it is convenient and lightweight.

You can take it with you to the beach, a picnic and concerts.

South Africa has a rich wine heritage. Which wine pops to mind when we talk about a proudly South African wine?

Vin de Constance from Constantia

What is your favourite “everyday drinking wine”

That is such a difficult question because there are so many. Life is too short to be drinking the same wine.

Ok so price wise – under R100 for everyday drinking.

  • Journey’s end Sav Blanc

  • De Wet Chardonnay or Chenin

  • Stettyn Chardonnay Pinot Noir

  • Goudini Sauv Blanc or Shiraz

  • Alvi’s drift Signature ranges

  • or I go to Checkers and search out for interesting Odd Bins.

Ok I swear I’m not an alcoholic LOL

Do you have a favourite “celebratory” wine that you would buy for a special occasion?

Arendskloof Voetspoere – Hot day either the Chardonnay / Pinot Noir Rose or winter Petit Syrah

You don’t just focus on wine on your blog , you also feature beer , gin and other craft

alcohol. Do you have a favourite craft brewery and Distiller?

Beer wise – I have to say currently Hey Joe! Super amazing Belgium beer, great food, superb and service , headed by BrewMaster ANJA VAN ZYL

Gin – I would say L-Gin. Owned by three phenomenal ladies who are so much fun you will end up sitting on the floor laughing and that is before the gin is served. They make amazing gins and so innovative. They make a gin that you can sip like a whiskey or have gin on tap for those gorgeous summer days. I love there packaging and their concept. They a firm believer of supporting local which ties so much in with my philosophy.

You live in the Worcester area. Are there any hidden gems that people should pay a


On a stunning clear day I highly recommend that you visit Stettyn Family Vineyards. That view is absolutely spectacular. You can sip on some really good wine, snacking on a gorgeous cheese board and just soak up all the surrounding mountains as far as the eye can see, overlooking the entire valley and you hear nothing else other than the birds and the bees.

Follow Abby and her kitchen shenanigans over at

I have included links to the places that Abby mentioned, so that you can go and visit these little gems. Its so much fun to explore the "lesser" know wine regions, you will discover wonderful places you didn't know existed.

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