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Wine Review and Food Pairing - De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc 2019 with Calamari Steaks

De Grendel recently sent me a bottle of their 2018 Sauvignon Blanc (retails for R100.00 – R120.00)

Pairing the correct food and wine together is so important as they can either enhance each other’s flavours, completely mask subtle aromas or make the wine taste sour. You want to try to avoid this by pairing the correct type of cuisine with the wine you are selecting to drink.

I decided to pair the Sauvignon Blanc with Calamari steaks and a fresh Baby marrow and Patty Pan salad. Sauvignon Blanc and Seafood is a classic pairing.

The wine:

Tasting notes: The wine has a delicate, pale straw colour with a slight green edge. It displays an aromatic kaleidoscope, rich with perfumed lime, white pear, passion fruit and lemon thyme. The aromas prevail on the palate with added Granny Smith apples, lemongrass and nettle. The palate is perfectly balanced by a steely mineral zest and enjoyable long finish. “

This vintage is from the year of the long drought which had an effect on the grape and the wine that was produced.

I really enjoyed the wine. Sauvignon Blanc (in my opinion) is a wonderful summer wine. It is also a good introduction to wine for the wine novice. Usually a crowd pleaser as the fruity notes make it enjoyable most palates.

The De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and citrusy, this worked well with the calamari. Sauvignon Blanc works well with grilled fish. I would let this wine age for another 3 or 4 years to bring out the delicate notes.

Grilled Calamari Recipe:

My husband will braai whenever he gets the chance. So, when I said I wanted to grill some Calamari Steaks he was ready with the blitz and braai tongs. (The calamari steaks can be done on the stove top)


4 x calamari steaks

Coriander – handful diced

1 x Fresh red chilli – chopped finely

1 x onion – diced

2 x Lime juice – freshly squeezed

Step 1: Prepare the marinade by mixing the Cilantro, chilli, onion and lime juice.

Ingredienst for marinade for calamari steaks. Coriander, chilli, limes and onion. Flatlay of ingredients needed.
Ingredients for the Zesty Marinade for the Calamari

Step 2: Keep some of the marinade aside in a separate dish. This will be used as a garnish after the calamari has been cooked.

Step 3: Soak the calamari in the marinade for at least 1 hour in the fridge.

Calamari steaks soaking in marinade. Coriander, chilli and lime. Food prep photo
Step 3: Soak the Calamari Steaks in the marinade

Step 4: Place the Calamari steaks on medium heat coals. You don’t want the calamari steaks to burn, just get a good colour ,char from the grill and that calamari is cooked through.

Calamari Steaks on grill over coals.
Step 4: Place Calamari Steaks on the grill

Step 5: Take the calamari steaks off the grill and place on a plate.

Step 6: Plate the calamari steaks. You can drizzle the remaining marinade on the calamari steaks to bring more of the lime zestiness to the dish.

Step 7: Pour a glass of the De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc and enjoy a delicious meal.

Wine pairing. De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc paired with Calamari Steak and Baby Marrow salad.
Grilled Calamari Steaks served with Baby Marrow salad and a glass of De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc

We served the Calamari steaks with A Baby Marrow (Zucchini) and Patty Pan Salad.

Link to Baby Marrow and Patty Pan Salad below:

Contacts for De Grendel:

De Grendel is a well-known Wine Estate based in Panorama, Cape Town. It boasts sweeping views of Table Mountain. The wine estate has a rich history dating back to 1720 and has gone through many metamorphoses into the gem that it is today.

De Grendel has a wonderful restaurant onsite, with a menu that changes seasonally. Booking is essential.

Find out more about De Grendel and their wine by visiting their website in the link below:

· Tasting note supplied in a Press Release.

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