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(Wine News) Daikin Raises a glass to the South African Wine Industry.

Daikin hosts their Annual Wine Seminar in celebration of the South African Wine Industry

Leading aircon and refrigeration company, Daikin will be hosting their annual Wine Seminar .

Date: Friday 23 October 2020

Time: 09:30-11:30 (South Africa standard time)

Locations : From your couch or your favorite wine sipping venue ( this is a virtual awards ceremony)


So pour a glass of your favorite South African wine and settle in for a morning of Oenophilia.

While it may be impossible to meet in person, there is no reason to miss out on the 2020 Daikin South Africa Wine Seminar. Society is adapting in response to the pandemic and Daikin has transitioned and adjusted their seminar to fit the virtual space.

The 2020 Daikin South Africa Wine Seminar is designed for the entire wine production, management and marketing teams. We’ve managed to secure top speakers covering topics from winemaking processes to consumer insights to cellar technology.” says, Marketing Manager, Miguel Netto.

Topics you can look forward to, includes:

1. Underestimating the effect of even moderate ageing and/or storage temperatures (as opposed to low temperatures) on wine composition and quality is one of the main mistakes any wine producer can make. Tune in to Dr. Carien Coetzee’s presentation to find out more about the sensitivity of various aroma compounds to storage temperatures.

2. PhenoLAB analyses (providing important phenolic parameters) can be performed on grapes, juice, fermenting must and finished wines and help to make decisions during critical winemaking steps such as harvesting, processing (eg. maceration and pressing), blending and ageing. The new tool provides fast, accurate and reliable results and can even assist with interpretation. Don’t miss out on this informative presentation by Dr. José Luis Aleixandre-Tudó, from Stellenbosch University.

3.Your partner in sustainability and energy saving in wineries. Thirty years ago,

after finishing his studies to become an engineer in tropical agriculture, Paul Dergeloo

started his professional career in Daikin Europe N.V. in consulting sales.

During this time, Daikin launched its revolutionary variable refrigerant volume (VRV)

system in Europe. Paul’s role at Daikin has exposed him to industries throughout

Europe, the Middle East and Africa and he has been an expat in the United Kingdom,

Italy and South Africa. Today, Paul works as Daikin’s Business Development Manager

in the Applied Strategic Business Unit in Brussels. As a hobby, he grows grapes and

makes wine on their family property in Italy.

Modern winemaking is an energy-intensive industry. Luckily Daikin offers a complete

and reliable range of products suitable for efficient temperature control in the winery.

Learn more about how Daikin can help to improve your winery processes to

produce and preserve quality wines.

4. Consumer specialist, Dr. Nadia van der Colff of Consumer Solutions, will be

addressing some key questions/issues to consider for direct to the consumer wine

marketing as well as direction for brand building. For the first time, valuable information

gathered during the Covid-19 pandemic will be shared providing insights into South

African consumers' wine behaviour.

5. Elda Lerm, from Anchor Oenology, will be guiding us through critical fermentation

temperature guidelines and how the fermentation temperature will modulate the yeast

and ultimately shape the final wine profile.


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