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Wine News: Boland Cellars launched a new look for One Formation Range.

The One Formation wine range from Boland Cellars has recently undergone a make-over and is ready to show off its new label.

The saying from Jessica Raine comes to mind” If Feathers Don’t Ruffle – Nothing flies.”

Just Like Bird flocks take flight to migrate in unison, the One Formation range embodies the principles of working together in collaboration in all aspects from the vineyard to the bottle. A single purpose of end-product excellence is the driving force behind the range with many aspects brought together skilfully to achieve this goal. Vineyards of the highest quality cultivars in each vintage are meticulously selected for the One Formation range in order to create a unique expression from the best sites and carefully blended into distinctive wines of elegance.

To celebrate the launch, I was gifted two bottles of wine from the range the Chenin Blanc and the Chenin Blanc/ Sauvignon Blanc/ Grenache Blanc Blend.

“Birds of a feather flock together” has been around in the English language since the mid-1500s. Its meaning is those with similar thoughts, interests, and ideologies will spend time with each other.

Boland Cellar, One Formation Chenin Blanc

Price: R98.00

Awards: Veritas 2020 and Platter’s, Hidden Gem 2021

This is a wonderfully crisp white wine, its lovely and fresh with a light straw colour.

Has aromas of lime and I detected some tropical fruits of pineapple and pears. Smooth mouthfeel with a long minerally feel. This is such a summery drink, I really liked the minerality in the wine.

Food Pairing: This would pair well with a seafood dish. Chenin Blanc and seafood dishes work well together or pair with a pork dish.

Boland Cellar , One Formation Chenin Blanc. Sauvignon Blanc . Grenache Blanc.

Price: R98.00

Awards: Veritas 2020 and Platter’s 4 Star 2021

I really enjoyed this blend, the Grenache blanc added a wonderfully “richness” to the wine.

Layers of green apple, kiwi and gooseberry on the nose with ripe pear and melon flavours – all creating a balanced palate with a lingered finish.

The crispness of the Sauvignon Blanc lends a lightness to the Old Bushvine Chenin Blanc, while the Grenache Blanc brought in a richness which makes for an interesting wine.

Food Pairing; This unique wine would do well with Seafood and Poultry.

I did a tasting with these wines together and was intrigued by how different they were. I love the complexity of the Chenin Blanc/ Sauvignon Blanc/ Grenache Blanc.

Find out more about Boland Cellars and their wine ranges :

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