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What do dads really want on Father’s Day

This Sunday 16th June is Father’s Day. Walk into any retail store and you will be reminded. Online and in magazines you will find Father’s Day gift guides, telling us that Dad really wants new socks or the latest gadget. Maybe as I mature, I can see through the marketing noise of products getting punted at us.

I asked my husband what he wanted for Father’s Day. He answered with the normal “I have enough stuff” I was silently irritated but then realized what I would want for Mother’s day would be; a nap, a massage, a lunch with friends where the restaurant doesn’t have a play area and to go see a movie that is not animated… Why would his wishes be different?

There is so much pressure on fathers. They are supposed to be providers, protectors, mentors, be supportive and lead by example. This is exhausting and a tall order to ask of any person, but every morning Chris gets up and makes the trek to work in the crazy Cape Town traffic to earn a living to support our little family. Now I’m sure he would rather use his salary to buy expensive lenses for his camera or a new surfboard, these are way more fun than paying for school fees and medical aid. After his long day at the office, he comes home again in traffic to the chaos that is dinner and bedtime for our little Emily, who will demand Daddies attention.

So, what do Dads really want?

1. Financial security. No worrying about how the bills will get paid.

2. Safety for his children. A father wants to know his family is safe. Dads are born defenders of their cubs and want to know that his family is safe from harm.

3. A Father who chooses to stay home and raise his children while his wife goes back to work – would like their masculinity not questioned.

4. A Phone call from a child living far away. The simple act of picking up the phone and saying “I was thinking of you” means the world to your Father.

5. A thoughtful gift. Doesn’t have to be expensive. This gift should be in line with one of his hobbies.

6. Given the day off. Give them the day where they can do whatever they want. Go for a surf or a round of golf with a friend.

7. To be told they are appreciated. That his sacrifices are seen and appreciated.

A special nod goes to the men who have stepped up to the plate when the child is not their biological child. There is more to being a parent than genetics.

This Father’s day instead of getting caught up in the consumerism side of this day, take a moment to turn to your Father and say Thank You.

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