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We Are Old MacDonald – GWK new TV Advert Launch

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I recently went to the GWK launch of their new TV Advert, Old MacDonald Has A Farm.

You are probably thinking “Why did you go to a launch of a TV advert?” The Press Release intrigued me. GWK is better known in the Agriculture Industry. I thought it was interesting that an Agricultural company would spend money on a stock-motion TV Advert about the GWK Brand and not pushing one specific brand. Having been brought up in a small agricultural town and later working in Public Relations and Media, this concept intrigued me.

The previous TV Advert ,This Man Is Building A Rocket, won numerous awards. The advert told the story Frank, the farmer, his son, Frikkie, and their dog , Flip. The message was clear: Farmers are building rockets because without food, scientist won’t be able to build rockets to go into space. Farmers are feeding our nation and without food, we have no future.

The new Advert, which was first aired on Friday, Old MacDonald Has A Farm, tells the story of how knowledge is exchanged between generations. How farmers are so passionate about what they do, how they are continuously innovating.

MullenLowe Agency and Bewilder TV Animators brought the concept to life. The amount of work that went into a 90 second animated advert was immense. It took almost 2 years to create Old MacDonald Has A Farm.

Old MacDonald Has A Farm will be screened during the first episode Ons boere, Ons Inspirasie, which will be broadcast on kykNET starting 3 October.

What I took away from this launch was the passion that GWK has for assisting not only their Farmers, but everyone in the Agricultural Chain. From the Farm Workers, to the Vets that look after the livestock, Mechanics who fix the equipment to the Food Scientists and the Truck Drivers. GWK sees everyone as part of a team that is feeding our Country.

Below is the link to the GWK Advert : This Man Is Building A Rocket

Here is the New Advert : Old MacDonald Has A Farm

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