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Today was the first time Emily and I ventured out of the safety of our home. Its been over 70 days!

Footys drink sachets. Flavors to choose from. Lunch box set out .
Choices,choices with Footy's. Getting ready to leave the house.

I felt really anxious about leaving our home. I guess it’s because I can control people coming I, make sure they follow the correct sanitation procedures. Outside it’s the Wild West!

Em was so excited to venture out into the wide, wild world. Once I had packed our masks and made sure I had enough hand sanitizer for a small nation I started worrying about food and snacks for Em. What if we are delayed? What if she gets hungry? I’m still not comfortable to let her drink from a can or bottle purchased in a shop. It’s not because I think the shop owner and staff are dirty, its because Em is 4 years old – she has no concept of social distancing and not touching her face.

Today was a wonderfully warm day. So, I packed snacks to take along. A few raisins, cheese, cracker (most of Em’s favourites) and then I packed water. Em saw me pouring water into her bottle and asked for “juice”. I am not a fan of premix drinks, Em has never had a cool drink. That’s when I remembered these wonderful Footy’s sachets. So many options and flavours! Em chose the naartjie and raspberry flavours to pack. On our outing , it was so simple to tear open the sachet and mix it with the water in her bottle – to the strength that suited Em’s taste.

Footys raspberry juice sachette was chosen to eb packed into lunch box.
Raspberry , joined us for our first trip outside. Healthy eating starts at a young age.

Its weird that such a simple thing made me feel less stressed.

Footy’s is not just a drink flavouring system. Footy’s is a multi-use product its flavours can be used in Jelly, to make ice lollies and soon I will be making Ice Cream using Footy’s flavouring.

Footy’s is sugar free, high in Vitamin C and is made from all-natural ingredients. Visit their website for more benefits:

Footy’s is readily available at supermarkets such as Dis-Chem, Food Lover’s Market, SPAR, Pick N Pay and Fresh Stop. Pick up a tub on your next shopping trip.

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