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Truth TV: New South African Faith-Based Streaming Service.

Are you worried about what your children are watching on TV?

I have become very aware of what my daughter is exposed to. Emily is at an age where she acts out what she sees and repeats what she hears. I have often thought that a programme was “Child friendly” but walked in a minute later, where I have been appalled at what was on the screen.

Truth TV contacted me to use their service and write a review about their service. The timing of this is absolutely perfect as we lead up to Easter. I was very excited to hear about a family-friendly, faith-based streaming service.

What is Truth TV?

TruthTV steps into this content free-for-all with a curated streaming service focussing on faith and family values entertainment, giving parents peace of mind about the entertainment options available to their kids and content that reflects their values.

  • South Africa’s First streaming service offering Christian-based content.

  • Family-Friendly Content, including series and movies.

  • Provides a safe and positive viewing environment, free from inappropriate content for the whole family.

  • Watch from any device! Cell phone, iPad , tv or laptop.

Selling points of Truth TV.

  • Affordable subscription offers from R129 per month.

  • No contracts – cancel at any time.

  • Watch on multiple screens and devices at a time.

  • Watch from any device! Cell phone, iPad, TV, or laptop.

  • Unlimited downloads. So you can watch series and movies anywhere.

  • No TV commercials or YouTube Ads.

  • First 14 days Free.

Want to try out Truth TV? Claim your 14-day free trial here:

Truth TV has many selling points. I really like that there are no contacts involved and that you can cancel at any time.

The fact that my family can each watch their favorite shows without fighting over the TV is a win for me.

There is a huge variety of shows and movies to watch. Emily has enjoyed the kid's content. Jungle Beats gets the nod of approval from Em. It’s a really sweet movie and has a follow-up series, so you can keep the fun alive

The Biblical stories are produced in a way that small children can understand. The Kids content is divided into age groups, with content specifically created to engage that age group.

I have downloaded series and movies to my iPad, so I can keep Emily occupied while traveling. I have watched a few movies on my iPhone, which is convenient.

With Truth TV I don’t have to worry about what my daughter is being exposed to. There are no adverts that pop up ( YouTube ads are the worst and often not appropriate for the age group) There is no swearing or blaspheming. Truth TV lets me relax when I allow Emily to have screen time, knowing that she is watching is in line with our family values.

Want to try out Truth TV? Claim your 14-day free trial here:

Wishing all my Christian followers a blessed Easter.

* Trade Exchange.

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