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To bee.. Introducing the new Melita Range from Boland Cellars

The Melita range from Boland Cellars is a low alcohol wine that is available in a Chenin Blanc (8 % alc.vol) and a Pinotage (8 % alc.vol) .

The first thing that struck me about the wine is the gorgeous label! . The elegant label design was inspired by the collaboration between nature and winemaker resulting in a specific fauna and flora design representing bees’ forage flora, as well as the honey bee itself. The Chenin Blanc and Pinotage each have their own label designs that further accentuate the wines.

Boland Cellars sent a few bottle from the Melita range to Wine bloggers. They are interested to see if a low alcohol option would be welcomed by the wine community.

Im going to be honest that im very skeptical of the lower alcohol option on the market. Having tried a few, they all seem to be lacking something. Being skeptical doesn’t mean I wont try the products and make an educated decision.

Im actually really excited that wine producers such as Boland Cellars are producing lower alcohol options. For various reasons consumers are searching for lower alcohol options ; pregnancy and health reasons.

What catches my attention about the Melita range is the ethos behind the new range. Many may not know the importance of the humble Honey Bee to our ecosystem.

The first of its kind for the wine industry, Boland Cellar’s Melita range is being launched in collaboration with The Bee Effect to raise and sustain awareness for the Cape and African honey bee species. The Boland Trees for Bees Programme, which will be implemented through the Greenpop Foundation’s Forests for Life reforestation project, has a specific focus on trees that are bee-foraging friendly to support nectar and pollen resources for honey bees. The collaboration also includes the launch of the Boland Trees for Bees Pledge Fund which will raise funds for the planting of beefriendly trees.

In addition to a percentage of local and international sales of the Melita range contributing towards funds for the Boland Trees for Bees Programme, Boland Cellar commits to a minimum of 830 trees to be planted in 2020. Boland Cellar’s initial pledge as well as funds derived from sales, will only be used to plant trees that are of value to honey bees.

In light of recent event in South Africa and the ban on the sale of alcohol, low alcohol wines will soon become the norm. I’m excited that the wine industry has started to produce lower alcohol options. I want to let all my friends in the Wine industry know that I will support you in any way I can. The South African Wine Industry is in crisis at the moment. I feel for everyone who may loose their employment due to government regulations on the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Find out more about Boland Cellars and the Melita range here :

Information supplied by : Hatch Communication on behalf of Boland Cellar.

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