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The Smart Toy Club – Toy rentals for kids.

I recently tumbled upon The Smart Toy Club on Instagram. What a gem of a company.

Love the idea and ethos of the company.

The Smart Toy Company is a subscription service which delivers a bag of toys to your home every 4 weeks and you exchange the toys for a new bag of toys.

No more collecting toys that your child has lost interest in, helps remove clutter and the excitement of receiving new toys every month!

The Toys are educational and specifically chosen your child’s age, interested and needs. Children as young as 6 months are catered for.

Cost : R399.00 a month (keep an eye out for discount codes )

Contracts : There are two options available : a month to month contract , where you can cancel at any time or their discounted packages but then you are committed for that package.

What is in each Bag?

Each bag contains about 5 to 6 toys. Total value of each bag of toys is estimated at R1000.00 (so you really are getting a bargain)

The Smart Toy Club have a variety of quality toys that will stimulate children. Each bag will contain: a book, a puzzle, 1 0r 2 battery operated toys and other interesting toys. ( I particularly like that the toys are sanitized before sent out and that reusable batteries are used in the battery operated toys)

Lost , broken or your child has fallen in love with the toy:

In the event of a broken toy, you will be charged a replacement fee. If the toy is lost they give you time to relocate the toy and if you can't find it a replacement fee is charged. If you child falls in love with a toy and can't bear to let it go, a small fee is charged for the toy.

The Smart Toy Club buys previously loved toys. They will come and assess the toy and give you a value. Simple way to recycle your child’s toys and earn some pocket money.

Final thoughts:

In this months bag, we received A Leap Frog. Emily loves this! Its helping her identify letters and sounds. My husband being in the Tech field also loves this toy and it's something that they enjoy playing with together.

Toys are expensive! Good quality toys , puzzles and books can cost R100’s if not R1000’s. I prefer not to buy plastic toys for Emily and things that can break easily. These cheap plastic toys get thrown away and end up in landfills. My husband loves the idea that less clutter will form in Emily’s room, as the toys are given back every month. Emily loves that she gets new toys! (pretty much a win, win for all involved)

This is a great idea for families who live in small apartment or parents who are not sure what toys to buy for their child’s developmental needs.

To find out more about The Smart Toy Club, visit their website below.

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