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Simple To Save. Three subscriptions that have helped us to save.

I have previously mentioned that I recently became a stay at home mom. The transition from being a dual-income family to a single income family has made us have to find ways of saving where we can.

Two easy changes that have allowed us to save is signing up for the BB Distributors weekly vegetable box and canceling DSTV.

1. The BB Distributors Food Box

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen me post about this service. It has changed my life.

Starting from R125.00 a week, a box of delicious fresh fruit and vegetables gets delivered to my door. Each week what you receive is different. I love the challenge of coming up with new recipes for the produce that has been delivered.

There is no longer the excuse, I couldn’t get to the shop.

BB Distributors is a family run business which tries to use as little packaging as possible. So this is a more earth-friendly option. The fact that they deliver to my door, means no long Supermarket queues and less driving to and from the shops ( I have a disdain for queues).

BB Distributors main aims for their business are:

1. To make life easier for our members

2. To promote and support other small businesses

3. To promote and support as many charities as possible

4. To use as little packaging as possible

5. Most importantly, make a difference!!

BB Distributors also has meat boxes, eggs, bread, milk and frozen berries on offer. Occasionally they will have pesto, hummus, honey or any other delicious produce that they have been able to source locally.

Find out more about BB Distributors:

2. Bye Bye DSTV

DSTV is a luxury. The cost of having DSTV did not make sense for us. Neither my husband nor I watch a lot of Television. Most of the news we get from websites we subscribe to.

What is the point of having hundreds of channels and we watch maybe 4 channels?

We now have Subscriptions to Netflix and Showmax, both at a fraction of the price as DSTV.

Netflix allows each family member to have their own profile. No more fighting over who is watching what. Netflix also allows me to monitor what Emily (who is three) is being exposed to when she does watch a show. Parental Control and Guidance are crucial when children are being exposed to media.

Showmax has some great locally produced shows. The quality of the local productions has been impressive. I love supporting local artists and productions.

Two simple changes that have made big impacts on our lives and our pockets. Do you have any clever saving tips and tricks?

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