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Rummikub Turns 70 ! Outwit your opponents with strategy and sharp moves.

Rummikub is a wonderful fast thinking, strategy game that you can play with family and friends. I was introduced to Rummikub by my mother when I was a teenager. I have many fond memories of action-packed evenings of our family playing Rummikub.

Rummikub is a strategy-based game which is great for logical thinking and getting the player to think outside the box.

Our family is big into games nights. This is a welcome addition to our game’s cupboard. Rummikub is great because almost all games (except young kids) can play the game. Its also a great way to introduce number literacy and strategic thinking to young kids.

To celebrate Rummikub which has been entertaining players for over 70 years, we are giving away a Rummikub game to one of my followers! So let’s celebrate!

What is Rummikub? The Family game that is never the same.

Rummikub is the perfect group game for 2 or more players.

Object of the game:

To be the first player to play all the tiles from your rack by forming them into sets (runs and/or groups) and shout gleefully “Rummikub”

Sets: You can have a Group or a Run

A group is a set of either 3 or 4 tiles of the same number in different colours.

A Run is a set of 3 or more consecutive numbers all in the same number.


All tiles are placed face down. Each player selects a tile, player with the highest number goes first.

Pile the tiles into piles of 7 (facedown) Each player selects 14 tiles and puts them on their rack. Remaining tiles are the “pool”.

The number of players determine the number of games in a round (4 players a round is made up of 4 games). When a player plays their last tile on their rack a game ends.

How to Play:

Each tile is worth its face value. Number shown on the tile. For your initial play, the player must put a set/run of at least 30 points onto the table.

If you can not play/ choose not to play, the player must pick up a tile.

Play goes in a clockwise pattern.

The Player who empties their rack and calls “Rummikub” is the winner and the game ends. If there are no more tiles in the pool but no player has emptied their rack, play continues until no plays can be made.

Joker: Joker can be used as any tile set, and its number and colour are what the player needs to complete the set.

Manipulation: This is the best part of the Rummikub game!

Players must try to table as many tiles as they can. You can rearrange sets or add to other sets. Only legitimate sets can be on the table, no loose tiles.


After a player has cleared their rack and called “Rummikub”; the other players add up the value of the tile son their racks and get a negative value (-45). The winner gets a score of the value of all the other players tiles (+54).

The range of Rummikub board games can be purchased from the following retailers Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone, The Kid Zone and Takealot or online:

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There is also a Rummikub Experience up for grabs for one of my audience valued at R499.99. Head to my Instagram page for a change to win!

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