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Review : Smartick

Em and I have just finished a free trial of Smartick, I was really impressed with this online learning resource. We were approached by Smartick to try out their service and give them some feedback.

This past year has been a game changer. COVID-19 really changed the way parents looked at education. Many parents have started to look at home-schooling their children as a real option. We have the technology that allows us the freedom to educate our children from anywhere. Some have looked at home-schooling because of health reasons and others because of financial reasons. Smartick is a great resource for parents who do decide to homeschool.

I used Smartick to go over some basics of math's with Em. Em had hearing problems when she was younger so is a little behind her peers.

What is Smartick?

Smartick is an adaptive online math's program for children aged 4 to 14. The program can be used as a complement to schoolwork and can be done from a tablet or desktop. Smartick is currently available in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Based on the most advanced artificial intelligence on the market, Smartick studies the learning rhythm and level of each student and designs a personalised study plan. The program adapts each lesson in real-time according to the child’s behaviour so that they advance at their own pace without frustration and reinforcing their self-esteem.

· 93%of children have improved their calculation, logic and reasoning ability.

· 83%of children have improved their grades in maths at school.

· More than 40,000children in 10countries have become successful with Smartick.

After an initial level assessment throughout the first few days, children complete a daily

15-minute session online. Parents receive immediate and detailed feedback about their

Child’s daily activity and progress throughout the program.

Smartick takes this into consideration in the initial trial period as it utilises this information with the advanced ai technology that it is based on. Other programs use set tasks and exercises that have been pre-programmed, whereas Smartick generates each exercise based on how the student answers the initial question and then curates every question on their abilities from there. This allows each student to progress at their own pace and encourages them when they are struggling.

The subscription

Smartick is based on a subscription model, with significant discounts depending on the

Number of children enrolled and the payment method (monthly, quarterly, annually) selected.

There is a free trial period without financial commitment and thus no request for payment

Information or credit card details during the registration process. Smartick also offers special

Rates and custom packages for schools.

The free trial period is really great. If you are not completely happy with the service than you haven’t wasted money on a service you wont use. If you sign more than one child up you get discounts which is handy for families with more than one child.


Smartick is aimed at families who wish to supplement their children’s academic education.

Numerous schools around the world also make use of Smartick on a daily basis as part of

Their maths curriculum. Smartick fully adapts to the level and pace of each child.

The Smartick programme adapts to the ability of the child who is using the programme. If the Child has add, dyslexia, downsyndrom or other learning challenges.

15-minute sessions

The sessions ae only 15 minutes each. How amazing is that.

According to research, 15 minutes of maximum concentration is optimal for online learning.

With 15-minute sessions daily,

In a flow state, over seven days a week — significant learning is guaranteed.

Parental supervision and parent page

We always recommend that children complete the sessions by themselves. Exercises for

The younger students who do not know how to read yet have interactive recordings of the

Questions available so that they can still do their sessions independently. At the end of

Each session, parents are sent an email giving them a summary of the session.

Smartick offers parents, teachers and tutors a dedicated login portal, through which

They can manage multiple aspects of every student account, including subscriptions,

Billing information, reporting and customer support.

The Smartick parent page is a one-stop management solution

Allowing parents, teachers and tutors to remain engaged and informed.

Summer special from mid-December and the end of January and will be offering a discount on the first month’s subscription.

Final thoughts:

· Em battled working with the mouse on the pc. She did much better when I put Smartick onto the iPad.

· Em needed little assistance with the programme and generally understood what she had to do for each task.

· Smartick is a great option for parents looking for a math's programme for their children, either for home-schooling or as additional support.

· You can see that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the games the children play.

· Em enjoyed playing the games and it did not feel like work.

Find out more about Smartick:

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