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Review : DryNites – Pajama Pants.

I was recently sent a pack of the DryNites Pajama Pants for Emily to try out for a few nights. Emily is potty trained during the day but at nights she often has accidents, mostly because she is a very heavy sleeper and doesn’t wake up in time to get to the bathroom. The DryNites Pajama Pants have saved me a distraught little girl in the morning and lots of laundry.

DryNites sent out this media drop with some lovely little goodies to bring awareness to Bed Wetting ,what causes it and to break the stigma around it.

DryNites Pajama Pants are specially designed for older children with two different age categories 4-7 years old and 8-15 years old. Yes some children wet their beds up the age of 15. Bedwetting is referred to as nocturnal enuresis, which is the unintentional passing of urine while asleep. Bed wetting in children up to the age of 5 is very common and usually isn’t caused by any underlying health issues. Stress, night terrors, overactive bladder , urinary tract infection are some reasons for bedwetting .

I found the DryNites fit Emily perfectly and had no leaks. Emily loved the Tinkerbell pattern on the Pajama Pants. They were easy to pull-up and pull-down so Emily carried on with potty training and going to the loo on her own while wearing the DryNites Pajama Pants. Would I buy the DryNites Pajama Pants for Emily, yes as they worked well for her , my only hesitation is the price tag which I found a bit steep at around R109.99 for pack of 9. Later I spoke to a friend who has an 11 year old who still occasionally wets his bed, my friend says she will “pay anything!”, so I think there is definitely a market for these Pajama Pants.

The DryNites Pajama Pants are available in designs for girls and boys. You can buy them at a variety of local retailers such as : Clicks, Baby City and

DryNites has tips and advice for parents of bedwetters on their website

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