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Restaurant Launch: Patiala Brew & Q

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Patiala Restaurant Brew & Q is a unique restaurant that has recently opened its doors at the Constantia Emporium, Constantia Cape Town.

Beer made at Microbrewery Constantia. Local Beer
Patiala beer made at Patiala Micorbrewery

The concept of the restaurant is intriguing and is a breathe of fresh air to the culinary scene.

A few other members of the media and I were treated to a tour of the onsite brewery and sampled some of the dishes from the menu.

“Inspired by the City of Patiala in Punjab, India – known for producing India’s top beers and farm-to-table concept. The Patiala Brew & Q restaurant concept is the first of its kind in SA. Complete with an on-site microbrewery, centre-stage open wood fire Plancha on which all their food is prepared and a traceable farm-to-table menu.”

For the carnivores and meat lovers, Patiala is defiantly your choice destination. My husband would love this restaurant. The Plancha is a selling point for those who love a braai.

On the menu:

“Food is prepared on an open-flame, powered solely by wood and charcoal – and thanks to the open-plan layout, guests get to witness the cooking of their chosen cut of meat. The diverse menu, inspired by global tastes and flavours, provides plenty of options for various palates. Adding to the uniqueness is the fact that international chefs join the cooking team every quarter, bringing with them assorted flavour additions and interesting ideas, meaning that the menu is revolving, and changes seasonally.

Menu offered for tasting at Patiala. Tacos, meat , deserts
Tasting Menu at Patiala Brew & Q

Our tasting menu consisted of the below:

· Lamb barbacoa taco

· Mushroom taco

· Large sharing steak

· Chicken tikka

· Miso corn

· Potatoes with Raclette

· Chocolate torte

· Vegan vanilla sponge with strawberry

· M alva pudding

As you can see they cater for all dietary requirements with vegetarian and vegan dishes on offer.


The onsite Micro-Brewery another aspect of the restaurant. They currently produce 4 beers onsite ( 2 experimental beers are being brewed). I enjoyed tasting the different beers and was impressed with their IPA ( which is weird as I usually find most IPA’s to bitter). Having the beer brewed on site allows them to keep a close eye on the quality of the beer and keeping the production line as short as possible.

Patiala Brew & Q also has a wine list for the wine lovers.

Patiala beer made on site ebing served by barman. Ingredients displayed that are put into the beerr.
Patiala Beer being served


decorated in a contemporary style which lends itself to the theme of the restaurant without being to stark. Sunlight streams through the window in the high ceiling.

Outside area which is wonderful for a late lunch. Inside there is a plush velvet booth area, wonderful for a intimate dinner.

The plancha cooking station in the middle of the restaurant, invites the diners to be part of the action.


MR GP Singh and Beena were on site to welcome us personally to their new venture. He introduced us to the concept of the restaurant and ethics behind how they conduct business. You can tell that they have poured their hearts and souls into the restaurant and their commitment to being ethical and sustainable.

“GP and Beena Singh are no strangers to the local restaurant industry. Having opened and run numerous successful eateries throughout the Cape, their extensive experience stands them in good stead for their latest venture.” Sourcing ingredients and produce ethically and sustainably, as well as supporting neighbouring local businesses and suppliers, is at the core of Patiala Brew & Q. Mr and Mrs Singh are hands-on owners too – involved in every aspect of the business – from 4 am fruit and vegetable market visits to creating their own spice mixes by hand."

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and love the concept of the restaurant. Will be back with Hubby.


Open Monday – Sunday, 11:30 am – 10 pm

021 013 0291

Address: Constantia Emporium in the Constantia Winelands,

Check out their Instagram account @Patialabrewq

* words in Italics from Press Release

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