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Recipe : Yogurt and jelly Puddings with Fair Cape

These little yogurt and jelly puddings are so simple to make. The sweet treats are definitely #rationfriendly #lockdownrecipe . Literally 4 ingredients and then maybe 2 extra ingredients if you want to pretty them up.

Yogurt, Jelly ( I used Footy’s Raspberry Flavour) , Biscuits and water. I mean how simple?

The chef (Em) decided to decorate with some Chocolate Pudding and Cream.

Fair Cape Dairies has challenged a few bloggers to the #rationfriendly #lockdownRecipe challenge.

Fair Cape is compiling recipes using pantry staples and some of their products, to make yummy Lock down meals.

Yogurt and Jelly Pudding ( makes 6)


  • 1 Cup – Fair Cape Double Cream Plain Yogurt

  • 1 scoop – Footy’s Raspberry Flavouring ( you can use jelly powder (1 packet)

  • 1 Cup – Boiling water

  • ½ packet -Bakers Tennis Biscuits

Garnish :

  • Fair Cape -Fresh Cream (whipped)

  • Fair Cape – Chocolate and white Chocolate Mousse

Method :

Step 1: Boil the water.

Step 2 : Take the yogurt out of the fridge. You will want it to be room temperature.

Step 3: Dissolve the Footy’s powder in the boiling water ( or jelly powder). Let the mixture cool to room temperature.

Step 4: While the Jelly mixture is cooling. Crush the Tennis Biscuits. I crushed them in a tea towel with a rolling pin. Place the crumbs into ramekins or dessert bowls. Set a side.

Tennis Biscuits being crushed to form the base of the puddings
Crush the Bakers Tennis Biscuits to create the base for the puddings

Step 5 : When the Jelly mixture and yogurt are about the same temperature , add the yogurt to the jelly mixture and whisk together . You don’t want the jelly mixture to be much warmer than the yogurt or it will curdle or separate. Whisk together until combined well.

Step 6: Pour the Yogurt and Jelly mixture into the ramekins over the biscuit crumbs.

Step 7: Place in fridge to cool and set.

Step 8 : When Yogurt and jelly mixture has set. Add some garnish. My Chef was feeling decadent and added a dollop of Fair Cape Dairies Chocolate & White Chocolate mousse and Whisked Fresh Cream.

I like to make simple dishes . Em enjoys helping in the kitchen. The food doesn’t always look the best but its is always delicious!

If you use this recipe, let me know how it turns out.

Fair Cape Dairies products can be found at most good supermarkets in the dairy section.

To find out more about Fair Cape Dairies visit their website:

  • This post was sponsored by Fair Cape Dairies.

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