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Recipe : Easy Sugar free Ice-lollies

Here is a recipe for Ice-lollies which are sugar free.

Children love ice cream and ice-lollies. Not much is more summery than ice cream.

I have many a childhood memory of eating ice cream lollies on the beach, park and by the pool.

2 ingredient healthy sugar free icelollies ot make at home
2 ingredient Ice-Lollies with Fair Cape Yogurt and Footy's

I worry about the sugar content of ice cream and ice-lollies.

Here is a quick and easy Ice-lolly recipe you can make at home.

Its so easy my 4 year old makes them. Emily has started to love helping in the kitchen. This is such a simple recipe that she does it mostly on her own ( I clean up)

Recipe Easy Sugar Free Ice-Lollies with Footy's and Fair Cape.

Makes about 8 ice-lollies depending on size of molds.

Time: prep - 8 minutes Set time in freezer - 2 hours or overnight


  • 1/2 Tub Fair Cape - Full Cream Plain Yogurt.

  • 2 Spoons Footy's Sugar Free Flavoring System - in flavour of you choice

  • Some people add blended ice to the mixture - this is not necessary


1 . Scoop 1/2 a tub of Full Cream ( Sugar Free) yogurt into a mixing bowl.

2. 2 scoops of Footy's into mixing bowl with the yogurt ( use the scoop in the Footy's container)

3. Mix the yogurt and the Footy's flavouring system sugar together until it is well combined. You can add more flavouring , depending on how strong you want the taste of the ice-lollies.

4. You can add the blended ice chips now if you wish. Make sure you mix them in well to the mixture.

5. With a spoon , scoop mixture into the molds.

6. Place the molds with mixture into the freezer. Make sure that the molds are standing upright and wont fall over ( this could lead to a big mess)

7. Now you wait to enjoy your treats!

8. Check after 2 hours if the mixture is setting. I usually make the ice-lollies the night before so they are ready to be consumed by Noon the next day.

Sugar free home made ice cream lolly , made with yogurt
Voila! Sweet Treat ready to be eaten.

Find out more about Footy's here:

Footy's is a drink and dessert flavouring system . It is available in many different flavours.

Benefits of Footy’s:

· Sugar Free

· Diabetic Free

· GMO Free

· All Natural Ingredients

· High in Vitamin C ( winter is here !)

· Aspartame Free

· ADHD Friendly

· Contains No Preservatives

· Tooth Friendly

· Low in Kilojoules

· Banting Friendly

Footy’s is High in Vitamin C, which is important for growth ,repairing of body tissue, aids the absorption of iron, healing wounds, aids the immune system and helps maintain teeth and bones.

Available from: Selected retail outlets and health stores. (I recently bought some at Food Lovers Market)

Find out more about Fair Cape Dairies and their products here :

Sponsored. This post is Sponsored by Footy’s and Fair Cape Dairies n the form of a Trade Exchange.

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