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Product Review: Ubuntu Traditional Balms , made the South African Way.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

South Africa has an incredibly rich history. On the Southern Tip of Africa this country is a melting pot of cultures . September is Heritage month in South Africa, this is when we celebrate the diversity of our people . In South Africa we are incredibly lucky to have the biodiversity of flora that has been used medicinally for generations.

Ubuntu Traditional Balms , where old remedies are reborn. Using the wisdom of our ancestors and generations before us. Ubuntu balms produces high quality, locally made balms and ointments. Im always drawn to a brands and products that have a story to share. Ubuntu Traditional Balms is a custodian of “old school “ remedies and treat the recipes with respect.

They have a large range of products from Vintage Balms, Oils, SPF Range and a range for children and babies.

I have been testing the Ubuntu Balms First Aid Cream and “Lekker Lips” products. This review was not paid for, I generally like the products and want to share this great products.

Ubuntu Traditional Balms ; First Aid Cream (For wounds, burns, cuts & grazes)

Price : R80.00

Antiseptic cream to promote healing of burns, wounds, leg ulcers & grazes. Also known as "Pampoen Salf"

I love products that can be used for more than one use! This product was suggested to me as my daughter developed a rash on her nose and cheeks due to wearing a mask at school (mask ache is a real thing) . In a few days of using the balm on her nose the chaffing is basically gone.

Don’t be shocked by the bright orange colour , that’s just the natural goodness of the balm.

Ubuntu Traditional Balms “Lekker Lips”

Price :R70.00

A Lipbalm for dry chapped summer & winter lips...

A powerful blend of rich butters to soothe sunburnt or dry winter lips.

Contains coconut; shea butter; almond oil & beeswax. Fragrance, chemical & preservative free.

A lip balm that actually works! Im so excited to find a lip balm that actually works, that doesn’t make you keep licking your lips and end up in a cycle of chapped and sore lips.

The lip balm has a faint scent of Shea butter and orange , so my husband is happy to use it.

The Packaging is a winner for me. I really like that the balms come in little metal tins that can be reused later ( recycling is important to me ) The metal tins make the products easy to transport and you don’t have to worry about the packaging being damaged. The branding has a “retro” feel.

Shop Ubuntu products here:

Whats in a Name?

In South Africa we often speak about “Ubuntu” , I referred to the Oxford dictionary which stated: Ubuntu -noun-SOUTH AFRICAN

1. a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

The legacy of Ubuntu Traditional Balms started in a humble and small family owned pharmacy in 1948. The famous community pharmacy

served her community well and the chemist formulated the balms to the patient's needs. The balms gained popularity and it proved to work for all the ailments. The secret formula of the balms was passed on through the generations and still helps the same community. Up to today people from near and far comes for these balms that works for nappy rashes, boils & chesty wheezy coughs.

Ubuntu stands for Old Remedies Reborn, hoping to keep the family traditional remedies alive!​

We breathed new life into old remedies and we want to make the new generation aware of what our grandparents use to do when they children were sick.

Our philosophy is to produce high quality products and strict control is practiced at all times to reproduce each balm. All our balms are still handmade with love & a mortar & pestle!

On a recent trip to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront ,I wandered into the Watershed where I found the newly opened The Beauty Box @ Watershed. Beauty @ watershed is a space were locals can discover and shop for proudly African beauty products. This is a dream come true for me! I love local and natural products . Ubuntu Traditional Balms among other local skincare brands have stalls at the Beauty Box.

Make sure you visit Ubuntu Traditional Balms at their new stall at the Beauty Box @Watershed when next you visit the V&A Waterfront. You will be able to see the products up close , ask questions about the products and get expert advice.

Shop Ubuntu products here:

Follow Ubuntu Balms on their social media accounts to learn more about the products:


Instagram :

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