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(Product Review & Giveaway) Tale Time co – Reach for the stars and catch the magic

Tale Time co is a local Cape Town based online store that aims to explore the adventure of childhood.

The products sold by the store are Mama and baby approved. Each item that is stocked is carefully curated by Caroline the owner of Tale Time co.

Caroline (or Caro as her friends and Family know her) recently introduced me to her magical little store with the most gorgeous books!

Sensory Books:

Soft textured cloth books are wonderful tools to encourage babies sensory development. Touching and feeling different textures increases your child’s vocabulary and allows a baby to associate the textures they feel with a word. Word recognition not only builds vocabulary but memory and imagination as well. Touching texture is a very important activity as it helps to develop motor skills.

These books are light-weight for babies to play with and makes for easy travel. You can pop into any nappy bag, satchel or pouch. Each book also has a nifty fabric loop so you can attach it to a pram, carrier or cot.

· Non Toxic

· Printed with environmentally safe ink

· Made from quality polyester silk cloth and cotton fabric

· Easy to clean by hand or by gentle machine wash

· An educational developmental book

Black & White: Jungly Tails: (R199)

These gorgeous black and white sensory books are perfect for new born babies. Did you know that babies can only see black and white until they are about 4 months old. Touch and sound are the senses the baby is most familiar with as they experience these in the womb. The simple bold black and white images, crinkly page sounds and soft textures makes this book babies best and first learning experience.

Pony Tails: (R209)

As little hands explore the cracking and crinkling of each page a learning experience takes place. Fine motor skills start to develop as the baby explores the silky silk of ribbon and the curly curls of course fabrics. The colourful dotty dots and stripy stripes cause colour pattern waves in babies' brains to form and word recognition starts to occur as the baby touches each new sensory sensation.

Dino Fun: (R175)

Explore the ancient world of Dinos, Raptors and the might T-Rex. Have fun meeting these magnificent prehistoric creatures as well as learning some BIG big words.

Em and I loved playing with these books! They are just the cutest. Pony Tails was a winner in our family of horse lovers.

When Em was a small tot I had a few of these sensory books for Em, but nothing as lovely as these books! Im a big fan of sensory development exercises and allowing children to develop organically and at their own pace.

These books are wonderful for tummy time. Looking for gifts for a young child or a new parent these Sensory books are amazing as they are entertaining and educational.

Giveaway: Win 3 Sensory Books from Tale Time Co!

One lucky Reader stands the chance of winning 3 Sensory Books from Tale Time Co ( valued at R580.00)

Giveaway. one lucky reader can win 3 Sensory books from Tale Time co

How to enter:

Comment on this blog post which Tale Time Co Sensory book is your favourite.

This Giveaway will also be run in conjunction with Mommy In Cape Towns Facebook and Instagram accounts, so head on over to my social pages to stand a extra chance to win.

Giveaway closes 4th December 2020. Winner is chosen at random and prize is not exchangeable for cash. Giveaway only open to South African Residents.

Colour Monster Book by Anna Llenas

The colour Monster is a well know book series and famous around the world.

Teaching children about emotions is one of the most important things to do, as it is so crucial that kids understand what they are feeling, why they are feeling the way they do and the most important thing is that it's ok to feel these feelings and how to control them.

For so long emotions have been suppressed i.e.: boys don't cry, children are to be seen and not heard, tears are bad and the result is it has stunted emotional growth and development. Emotions are what make us human and it is important to understand and feel the emotions we feel.

The colour monster does an amazing job at educating children what emotions are, it explains these emotions and associated it with a colour - so children can better understand why they feel what they feel and why it is important to feel what they feel and more than that it is ok to feel what they feel.

Tale Time co sells a variety of different colour monster formats:

- Board books for toddlers - R169.00

- Soft cover books - R139.00

- Hardcover books - R249.00

- an activity book (colouring in emotions) - R 129.00

Link to the website to purchase any of these books:

Lunch Punch Sandwich cutters:

Be the lunchbox queen and say goodbye to boring sandwiches with Lunch Punch.

Em and I have been using the Unicorn and hearts Lunch Punch.

These are really awesome versatile sandwich cutters made by a mom who wanted to make lunch boxes awesome!

These easy to clean Lunch Punches can be used for:

- French toast for breakfast

- Sandwiches for lunch

- Baking cookies

- Pizza for dinner

Get some of these Lunch Punches and bring the magic back to meal times.

Your kids will want to eat their sandwich at lunch time if it’s a mythical mermaid, dinosaur or cute puppy.

Tale Time co has variety of different lunch punch cutters and all retail for R175.00:

· Unicorn

· Princess

· Mermaid

· Dinosaur

· Kitty and puppy paws

· Batman

· Out of space

· Puzzle

The Lunch Punches are easy to use, Em uses them on her own and makes her own heart shaped sandwiches.

Back to School like a boss!

Farm World Dried Fruit Strings:

These are my new lunch box must have. The Farm World Dried Fruit Strings are just the cutest!

These little arm creatures will have your littlie slurping up the dried fruit.

Mommy approved:

Healthy fruit sting snacks, perfect for lunch boxes, or to keep you little ones busy and entertained for a bit.

· 100% Natural,

· no added sugar,

· no preservatives,

· no artificial colours & flavours

· great source of fibre and vitamin C.

Single pack: R12.00

Multi pack - 5 x single packs: R 55.00

About Caro : I am Mom to a little girl. Her name is Olive. She is my muse. I am on this incredible journey with her. It is not glamorous, it is not at all easy but it is the most amazingly, rewarding selfless journey I have ever been on. Like all Mothers out there, we want our children to have the best head start, to reach all their milestones and excel in life. There are so many products on the market, and amongst all the products out there I have selected what I have found to be the best to help my little girl flourish from day 1 to toddlerhood. I am excited to be able to make these products accessible and as affordable as possible to all Moms on this journey with me.

From one Mom to another with love, I hope you enjoy shopping our Tale Time Treasures.

Tale Time Co also stocks a variety of other products for both Mom and baby.

· Website:

· Facebook:

· Instagram:

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