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Product Review: Dr.Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets

A few weeks back Brand Advisor ask me to trial these DR. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets. I thought sure why not? I may just find a new product that I like. This is exactly what happened. These Dr.Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets, is the products I never knew that I needed!

RSP: 30s (R62,99), 12s (R33,95)

Available from : selected Dis-Chem, Pick ‘n’ Pay, Spar and Checkers stores nationwide and online

Product Claim:

Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets are your lucky ticket to saving time, electricity, and money when it comes to doing laundry. Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets allow you to wash a mixed load together – even whites and blacks and colours that run*. Use two sheets for heavily dyed garments (particularly cottons) of those with poor colour fastness.

Science behind why the products work:

The sheets are filled with unique colour-collecting molecules that are released to bind with colour particles directly in the water. The sheets’ have a microfiber structure which quickly absorbs the loose colours from the water, locking them in immediately to ensure each garment’s colour stays bright and clean, with no colour runs.

How to use: Load laundry as usual and pop two 2 sheets into the drum of your washing machine,add your usual detergent and fabric softeners as per usual.

Your garments come out bright and clean with no discolouration!

New Laundry Hero , Dr.Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets

My thoughts on the product:

1. I love that I don’t have to separate loads of laundry and can do one load of laundry once I have enough for a full load.

2. I don’t have to spend time sorting through dirty and sweaty clothes.

3. Saved time not having to do multiple loads of laundry.

4. Saved water and electricity by not having to do multiple loads of laundry.

5. I checked the sheets once the laundry was done. The sheets did pick up a lot of colour residue from the water.

6. White sheets and clothes stayed white. Dark colours such as jeans didn’t seem to have faded.

7. Did I mention I hate laundry? Anything that can get it over and done with is great in my book.

To test the product I washed white sheets with a red sock! The sheets came out beautifully white and not pink ! ( this has happened to us before – had pink bed sheets for a while)

Due to being stuck at home , i have been doing lots of craft projects with Em - leading to lots of laundry. So this product came at the right time for me to be able to test it out properly. I hate doing laundry and ironing.

Less Laundry Loads with Dr.Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets

I posted a few videos on my Instagram profile of me trialing the product follow #MixColoursWithConfidenceSA.

Visit Brand Advisor :

Let me know if you have any questions about this product.

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