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Product Review: Bubblegum Tablets review and a discount code.

We live in the age of technology, there is no way to escape that. We have been contemplating getting Em her own tablet for a while. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about the Bubblegum Tablet.

Cellucity is now stocking these cute Bubblegum tablets. They are especially designed for young hands and minds. The Bubblegum tablet is an Android tablet Operating on Android 8.1 (Oreo) and comes pre-loaded with educational software, games and story books.

Bubblegum Tablets recognises parents desire to educate their children and to make sure they have access to educational content in the digital era. This is why Bubblegum strives to be largest supplier of educational tablets to schools in South Africa.

Its so cute and colourful! The right size for Em’s little hands. The bundle we got came with a protective cover (because accidents happen!) The bright colorful games are captivating for Em. The Bubblegum Junior which we received is perfect for children from age 3.

Em who is 4 needed little assistance to use the Bubblegum tablet. She loves the games that came pre-loaded. I will soon download some more. She particularly loves the story book about the life-cycle of the butterfly. You read along with the book and then have to complete puzzles and fun activities. Em is now walking around our garden and looking for caterpillars and butterflies.

The headphones fit Emily snugly as the headphones are made for children .She has figured out how to plug them into the device. The headphones come in handy when I do not really want to listen to the ambient noise of her games. Snooky has already worked out the camera and video on the Bubblegum. The gallery is almost full of selfies !

I’m a firm advocate for limited screen time and parental guidance. Bubblegum wants children to be able to enjoy using their devices and parents to know their child is safe from online predators. There is a parental supervision login , so you can limit what your child can do on the device. We have switched off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability of the device. I have not explored the telephone capabilities of the device – yet.

The Bubblegum tablet was developed in conjunction with the World Health Organisations current recommended tablet time for kids so you will find the battery only lasts 2-4 hours until it needs a recharge. So, when the battery runs out – your child needs a break from the tablet and should go take a walk or do something that does not include a Screen. We are all human and get busy trying to juggle life (Working from home and home-schooling is not a joke!) When the battery dies, it will also remind us as parents that our child has had enough screen time.

The Bubblegum Tablets come loaded with Apps in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa & Zulu.

Price :

The BUBBLEGUM Junior Tablet Combo includes the Bubblegum Tablet, Silicone Cover, Car Charger, Tablet Holder and Headset-R1,799.00

Available from the CelluCity online store :

Special offer for Mommy In Cape Town readers :

Cellucity is offering a special discount for Mommy In Cape Town readers of 5% off the Bubblegum Range. On check out use the promocode/voucher : Mommy Blogger

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