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Recently I attended the Cape Town product launch of BIO XXI. BIO XXI is a delicious gluten-free products range which is also certified international organic, non-GMO and fair-trade certified.

Bio XXI products are quinoa-based and offer an easy transition into the gluten-free eating realm.

These products are perfect for those with gluten allergies, those looking for a healthier lifestyle, vegans and the eco-conscious. Bio XXI offers all the health benefits while not slacking in the taste department.

Quinoa is a superfood and has a variety of well-known health benefits including being packed with protein. I like to use quinoa instead of rice with curries and fish dishes.

The Bio XXI difference?

- Bio XXI offers a variety of products: from pasta, bread, cookies, risotto, nuggets and pancake mix to breakfast cereals and snacks. With minimal prep, this equals easier catering for meals, snack-times and fussy, lunch-box eaters.

- Bio XXI products are produced under strict rigour - respecting international norms and certification, and all (but a handful) of our products are Certified Organic – which means it’s generated free of any chemicals or GMO alterations during the production chain, from sowing to the final product.

BIO XXI range allows you to indulge in your favorite bread and pastas while reaping all the health benefits of Quinoa and less guilt. This range of products is not only for those who are gluten intolerant but is for everyone. As a mother, I spend a lot of my time trying to get more Vegetables into my daughters’ diet. Pureeing vegetables into mince or dicing them so finely that she can’t detect them in chicken frikkadel. With BIO XXI I can serve pasta or pancakes and be safe in the knowledge that my family will be getting much-needed vitamins and minerals. Did I mention the also have cookies!


I’m excited about this range of products. There is a need for great tasting gluten-free alternatives. I was nervous as my experience with gluten-free foods usually have not been great, often the alternative having a weird texture or cardboard taste. All the food produced at the BIO XXI launch was delicious!

Emily my daughter is three years old and is a huge fan of the Puffed Rice and Quinoa Quinitos, which are lightly frosted cereal. She ate the entire bag and then demanded more! At home, I used Andean Fettuccine and my husband didn’t notice anything different about the pasta. I did find that the BIO XXI Fettuccine did take longer to cook than normal pasta. I’m really impressed with the products and hoping that they get stocked in a Major Supermarket Chain.

Find out more about BIO XXI:

Visit to find out more, get some inspiring recipes, find a retailer near you or follow BIO XXI on Facebook @BioXXISouthAfrica or on Instagram @BioXXISA.

For more information on the health benefits of quinoa see:

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