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Old MacDonald and GWK

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Tomorrow I am off to a very exciting event. The more I researched the company the more interested I become.

Below is the Press Release I received with a link to the first Old MacDonald TVC.

GWK Old MacDonald Background Story

Four years ago, GWK made history by being the first agricultural business with a TV advertisement that was awarded one Loerie and three Pendoring Awards.

Now, GWK is proud to release the follow-up animated film, Old macDonald Has A farm, which promises to leave an even bigger impression on South African viewers.

in 2015 GWK shifted the public's focus towards farmers by telling the story of South African agriculture and the amazing work they do to provide food tot he nation. They did this with an animated advertisement, This Man Is Building A Rocket, which told the story of Frank, the farmer, his son ,Frikkie, and their dog, Flip.

The message was clear: Farmers are building rockets, because without them, the rest of the world ( like scientists) won't have the food to feed their minds to build rockets or do the work needed to build a better future.

This year, the world is introduced to Old MacDonald, Frank's father. Old MacDonald Has A Farm gives insight to where Frank's passion for farming was born, how agriculture has changed over time, how technology has changed the world of food supply, and how technology has changed the world of food supply, and how knowledge is exchanged between generations.

Old MacDonald Has A Farm will be launched on GWK's social media platforms on Friday ,27 September, during the media launch. The first TV screening will take place during the first episode of the new programme GWK is part of, called Ons Boere, Ons Inspirasie. broadcasted by kykNET starting 3 October.

Below is a link to This Man Is Building A Rocket :

Follow me on my social media platforms tomorrow, to find out more about GWK.

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