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Mommy in Cape Town made the list!

Becoming a mother and joining the world of Parenthood was a big step for me. During the life-altering time that I became a mother, I also started taking baby steps into the world of blogging.

Blogging and websites are great online resources for parents. Through blogging, I found a tribe of people who could share their experiences of raising children.

Some bloggers are the “perfect parent” with their family in colour co-ordinated outfits and others are a “hot mess “with stained pants and mom buns, while others are seasoned parents with some sage advice.

At one stage I think we have all done a 2 Am search for our child’s symptoms, only to find “that’s completely normal”

I have absolutely loved losing myself in my blog (from time to time), it has been my refuge and little space that I could bare my heart. Say the words in writing that I couldn’t express verbally.

I never thought anyone would read my little blog

I’m very excited to be on this list of 60 South African, Kids and Parenting Blogs

Some of the people on this list are people I look up to and some I’m incredibly lucky to call friends. The blogging community on a whole is incredibly welcoming and supportive. My readers are the best! I still find it weird to get an email from Kerry from Sydney about a post I wrote, where she will say “Your words on my screen, were an echo of the words in my mind”.

Each Blog on this list is special and has a unique view to parenthood, be it a Magazine that has publishes its article on its blog for its digital readers or a Mom Blogger with 30 followers, who really wants to share the trials and tribulations of the day. I’m honored to share the same space.

The thing about blogging and parenthood, is that you are always learning, growing, finding out you had skills and talents you didn’t know you had, finding strength when you are at your lowest, and imparting wisdom to those who need it, it is frustrating but all so rewarding.

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