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Mama Kath and the Little Brinks Dream Home.

Katherine Brink or Mama Kath as she is known to the multitude of people she helps every day, is an inspiring woman. Katherine and her husband Danny run the NPO Little Brinks.

I have been following the Little Brinks Facebook page and saw that they are raising funds to buy a house. Wanting to know more about the house and how I can assist them in realising their dream, I reached out to Katherine to find out more about the House and Little Brinks.

1. What is Little Brinks?

Little Brinks is a small npo trying to do BIG things in as many disadvantaged kids lives as possible

2. What work does Little Brinks do?

Little Brinks has a few projects at the moment, soup kitchens, matric dance project, foster kids assistance with clothing and other necessities like food, place of safety and trying to help find kids their happily ever after. Danny and I as a couple have 5 amazing kiddos through foster care too, Cole 14, Chelsea 12, Ava and Addi 4 (aka the twins) and Hayley 2.

3. Did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you’re doing today?

Danny and i were unable to have a healthy pregnancy, we met Cole after my 2nd miscarriage and then Chelsea after my 3rd and then another one after her.

It didn't make sense then that I couldn't have a healthy one, but now that I've been so incredibly blessed I get it.

Little Brinks npo 176-343 would never ever have been if I did have a normal pregnancy and biological child, as we would have never timed it, also my health probably would have been terrible as I have PCOS and diabetes so who knows what might have been... But I do know i would never change my life for anything.

4. How do you decide who to help? I'm sure you are inundated with people needing/wanting help?

We have many ,many pleas also many people just trying to get a free pass, so we work very closely with social workers who guide us and the families as well as keep everyone on the same page.

5. Tell me about the House you want to buy?

The house is AMAZING !

The property itself is a very good deal, but the most exciting part will be that we will be able to help so many more kids especially older kids!

The house has a main house which we will use with our foster kids and then it has 3 cottages which we will use for the older kids, families in need and our assistant will be house mother giving her an opportunity to move to a safe place too.

It then has a workshop which we have volunteers willing to give up their time to teach the teens, woodwork, mechanics, spray painting, panel beating and ji-jitsu! Oh and hair styling and beauty!

6.Why is it so important for Little Brinks to get the house?

Everyday we have teens leaving foster care because they teach 18yrs old and no longer are minors meaning they no longer get grants, so foster parents or family kick them out.

Most end up in toxic relationships because they have nothing and nowhere to go, so they them end up pregnant and their kids end up in foster care all because no one showed them how life and a normal family life is meant to be.

7.How can the public help you realise the dream of buying the house? ( monthly pledges etc)

We need pledges and financial help towards the house, as we cannot get a loan or repay the loan by ourselves.

8. Do you have any fund raising activities planned?

We have a backabuddy account on the go which was set up by Chelsea as she is determined to get the home so we can do more. You can donate money towards the house on their Back a buddy page:

We will be having a few fundraisers but all of them are in the pipeline but will be advised on Facebook .

9. What social stigma does society need to get over?

We have so many people scared of foster care because what will family say... If you're ready to be thrown into the deep-end and have your world changed forever, you'll not have any time for worrying about what others think as your new human will need you more.

10. Little Brinks is obviously your life’s calling. How do you stay positive and not fall apart?

Mostly out kids, they can change any bad day into the best day.

Then the updates from families we have helped and kids we helped place always makes it worthwhile.

11. What do you love about running Little Brinks?

No day is ever the same, the kids that come in broken, hard and sometimes destroyed have an ah ha moment and switch... There is no better feeling in the world than seeing them realize they do deserve love and are safe to be kids.

12. Katherine, how does your family feel about Little Brinks, are they supportive?

I never really gave them a choice . Now looking back I probably should have warned them, but it got so big so quickly that i didn't ever picture all of this either but thankfully everyone is on board, running around for me and they adore our kids which is the most important.

13. You often foster children. How does one become a Foster parent?

Becoming a foster parent is done through a social worker, who will screen you and so clearance checks as well as police clearances.

They then send you on training and match you to a child.

The child is then placed with you for 2 year but renewed every 2 years until they are 18 years old.

For more information on Little Brinks NPO visit:

Follow Kath and Little Brinks on social media:


Twitter: @LittleBrinks

Instagram : @littlebrinksnpo

Kath and Danny Brink are two compassionate people who really want to help however and wherever they can. They cannot make this dream home a reality without public donations.

“If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” ― Will Smith

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