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Letter to my wild child

Outsiders have said you are difficult or stubborn, I prefer spirited and strong-willed. You march to your own tune never swaying from your viewpoint. Testing the limits repeatedly and with no fear. No fear of spinning through the air or climbing to the top of the jungle gym. You live for adventure, keeping Dad and I on our toes. At the end of the day our nerves are often frayed because of your latest antics. You see the world as your classroom, and this is how you learn.

No. No is not a word you like to hear. If you want it you will get it, beware anyone in your way!

You believe in what you believe with your entire body, soul and little heart. When you are sure you are right, your entire body tells you that you are right, so you resist anyone that tells you otherwise.

Oh, my darling you have a strong will. It can be a struggle for Daddy and I dealing with your fiery independence. Rules are set for your own good - we promise.

Often your Daddy and I have had discussions about from whom you inherited this disposition.

We don’t want to change your determined nature as we know strong -willed people are often world changers, born leaders who pave the way and tread where others dare not.

My Wild Child

There are days that your inner strength is exhausting but I know its this deep seeded strength will lead you to amazing adventures.


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