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Learning about our ocean with Captain Fanplastic

Have you heard about the fantastic book, The legend of Captain Fanplastic?

Em and I were recently invited to the launch of the new audio book, The Legend of Captain Fanplastic, initiative run by Soapbox SA and driven by Ruben Hazelzet.

We were treated to a live performance by Alessandro Gigli and Zolani Mahola. Zolani and Alessandro brought the legend to life. Zolani is a skilled story teller , using her voice to sing and narrate the story. The children were enthralled!

“Captain Fanplastic takes children, through storytelling, on an educational journey that inspires them to be conscious and teaches why it is so important to keep the environment clean of plastic waste. Furthermore, it illustrates how harmful plastic waste is to our precious marine life but also how plastic could turn into treasure, if recycled correctly. Instilling a #notrashbutnotreasure mindset”

The event was held at the 2 Oceans Aquarium and was the perfect setting for this event. It was held on International Beach Clean up day and drove home the importance of keeping our oceans plastic free.

Books are also a easy way of introducing concepts to young children. Stories like Captain Flanplastic and his friend Fin the turtle , introduces these complex ideas to children in a way they can understand. The beautiful , fun and colourful illustrations , make it eye catching and will keep the child's attention.

I love reading books to Em in the evening, cant wait to add this to our reading list.

Captain Fanplastic is an environmental literacy programme that educated school kids about the impact of land-based pollution and the importance of keeping our oceans clean.

You can purchase a captain Fanplastic book on Takealot

We were introduced to the many initiatives that the 2 Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation is running. TOAEF places a strong emphasis on marine science literacy, for the benefit of future generations of South African children, and the ocean at large. Efforts in this regard include environmental education outreach programmes, early childhood development lessons, free courses via the Marine Sciences Academy, and thousands of lessons for school learners..

They have some great programmes running to educate youngsters about the ocean. A visit to the Aquarium is always a highlight of the school year.

Find out more here :

Teaching children about the conservation of our plant is incredibly important. We have one Earth. If we destroy our planet we will have nowhere to live.

We have slowly introduced the concept of recycling to Em and the importance of not littering.

If you would like to get more involved in Beach Clean Ups, follow this page :

It has an updated list of Beach Clean Up events in Cape Town.

Check out my Instagram profile for my post and stories of the event :

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