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Its okay...

I just want to say to everyone out there that its okay…

It really is okay not to be your most productive self during a global pandemic.

Its okay to feel stuck, suffocated and that you have lost control of the situation.

Its okay to not be the best parent, spouse, employee, baker, chef, teacher, friend, sibling and all round super human!

Its okay to have that sneaky extra cookie, its okay to spend the entire day in your pyjamas.

Its honestly okay to admit to yourself the most exercise you have done since lock-down was announced was rush to grocery store to stock up groceries.

So you have day pyjamas and night pyjamas? At least you changed. Haven’t worn a bra in two weeks also okay, there is a belief that its healthier to let your ta-tas breath. Free those nipples!

Given up on your strict home schooling schedule? Its okay , technically it’s the holidays. Let the kids play. I’m not going to spend the next few weeks screaming at my child. Honestly the best lessons are learned through everyday life. Cook with your kids , let them help you in the garden and read with them.

Its Okay to admit you are overwhelmed trying to work from home and home-school children at the same time. Its okay to admit you are terrified you will not have a job to go back to at the end of this or how you will pay the bills.

At the moment most of your view of your social interactions have been through awkward Zoom and House party meetings. I am checking out your home that I can see over your shoulder, silently judging your paint or wallpaper choices – not! I do find it interesting this little sneak peek of peoples homes.

Most of us are spending more time on social media platforms. Remember those images and videos have been edited. They literally are moments that have been selected to show the best of that persons world. Filtered, presetted, edited and cropped to make it visually appealing. In the background the kids are screaming, the food is cold or burned, husband cant find something that is literally In front of his nose, if child is smiling in image they probably were bribed. Perfect lighting and perfect angles were searched for this perfect image.

Your life is messy, so is mine and I actually like it.

Its also okay to have become a fitness freak and spend the day exercising or baking or cleaning or gardening. Its okay, this is your way of controlling a world that is out of control. It is wonderful many people are picking up old hobbies or finally getting to a project they have been waiting to complete for ages. Some people have discovered secret talents ,others have reread their favourite novels while others have taken up Yoga and found their Zen (long may that last)

Mostly its okay to give yourself grace and be gentle with yourself. This global pandemic is something that most of us could only envision in a film or book. Everything we have known has come to a stand still our daily routines and rhythm has been put through the shredder.

The is a contagious virus that is literally killing people, how you choose to spend this time is okay.

To those on the front lines, protecting us from this virus and keeping essential services in tacked – Thank You so much!

A photo of my beautiful family. Stay safe.

Photo taken by : Family Tree Photography

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