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In the absence of a Village, create your own tribe.

Friends are the family you choose. I have always found that making friends as an adult a bit weird and kinda scary. Making friends is strange, you go ” I like you, I think I will keep you around”. As I get older I am starting to value my friendships a lot more. Friendship is a relationship you enter by choice. You may enjoy spending time with them, they are a great listener or dependable.

Friends are people who celebrate your successes and are a shoulder to cry on . They want to see you succeed , even though they have nothing to gain from your success.

When I was young and in High School I had many friends, however now in my 30’s I have a handful of close friends. These people have known the best of me then seen me at my worst and still decided to love me.

Many of my friends have moved abroad but thanks to technology we still keep up to date on each other’s lives. Be it via social media, Skype calls and Whatsapp. True Friendship isn’t affected by distance, it just requires a bit more effort to stay in touch. When we do see each other, we pick up from where we left off, like 5 years has not passed.

After having my daughter, I have started to value my friendships more. Could it be that we no longer live in Villages where everyone helps look after your child and everyone looked out for each other? The modern lifestyle has changed how we communicate and form relationships. Its hard to get to know your neighbour from behind a wall with electric fences.

Nurture your friendships and help your friends bloom and grow. Create your tribe of like minded people who have your back.

Photo by : Kobus Tollig

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