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I am never going to be the perfect Pinterest Mom and that’s okay

I have come to the sad but honest realisation that I am not a perfect Pinterest Mom or a curated Instagram mom. I’m more the messy but tried hard mom. And I’m okay with that. My cakes never turn out the way they are supposed to, and the dog gets more paint on her than the actual canvas.

Craft time at my home usually ends with me in mid melt down while my daughter throws paint or tries to cut her own hair. Yesterday I decided to not get upset if Em doesn’t make the masterpiece I had envisioned inside my head. She loved painting and making hearts for “Daddy”.

Valentines day snuck up on me (wasn’t it just Christmas?), naturally I have planned and bought nothing. So, I had to make a plan on a limited budget. Scrolling through Pinterest I see some fun and easy Valentine’s day craft projects for kids. Naively and enthusiastically I set up the outside table with paintbrushes, red paint and white paper plates (remnants of a past party – I like to reuse as much stuff as possible). In my mind we were going to paint beautiful hearts, sponge some designs and do handprints in the shape of hearts, what progressed from there ended up looking like blood spatter and a mini murder scene. The garden furniture will never look the same (I still need to break the news to my Mother in Law, who has lent it to us). The dog ate some paint, so clean up in the garden will be interesting today.

It sounds like chaos and it was but my beautiful chaos.

When the paint had dried, we cut out some heart shapes to help Em with her cutting skills ( shooo look at me go – guess I have moment when I don’t completely suck at this mom gig) and then stuck them on the wall to show off her handy work.

The artwork has been moved higher up the wall as both the dog and cat, thought these were great play toys.

I was busy going through the usual cycle of PTSD after doing an art project with my daughter, when my husband arrived home. The pride our little poppet had when she was showing her Daddy what she made for him was so enduring and heart-warming. Immediately I realised that this is what it’s about, I don’t care if it’s not perfect. That moment was perfect.

Luckily my husband was a Dexter fan. If you want to find beautiful home crafted Valentine’s day decorations don’t follow me for inspiration, I can help you out with extra red paint if you are having a house of horrors themed party.

I am not a perfect Pinterest mom, but I try. I am not a perfect mom, but I try and will continue trying. I will always be the mom that shows up.

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Valentines , heart craft project fail.
My Valentine's day Craft Fail. Im not a Pinterest Mom.


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