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I am a #BlueRibbon Champion. My Choice, My Body , My Future.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

One principle and Human Right I hold dear is the right of choice. To choose what is best for your own body. Autonomy over one’s life and body is not something that many womxn is South Africa have the luxury of experiencing.

In South Africa a woman has more change of being raped or sexual assaulted than learning to read. Let that sink in…

The past month August, which is known as Woman’s Month in South Africa, left me feeling sad – not empowered.

Woman empowerment is more than lifting a woman out of poverty or education, its about giving other womxn a voice that they know they can use. Self determination is sadly a luxury and not a right.

I was approached to be a #BlueRibbon Champion to help contribute to spreading the message of advocacy of women’s rights, empowerment upliftment within various spaces and communities in South Africa.

My hope is that by adding my voice alongside the other wonderful women involved in the #BlueRibbon campaign that we can mobilize others to build a world where no woman will have to trade off her choice to live freely at the expense of her life, family, safety or dignity.

Im very aware that my daily reality is vastly different to other women in South Africa and that my journey to motherhood was different.

One of the biggest discussions (disagreements) I have had with family members , is letting Emily choose to hug family members. I have always let Emily choose who she allows into her personal space (her safe zone). People have expressed that they find it rude that Emily wont hug and kiss them hello/goodbye. I have always stood my ground and said “Its her body, its her choice. She can choose who she feels comfortable enough to hug, I will never force her.” Teaching womxn that they have choice over what happens to their body starts from infancy.

Repeat after me: My Choice, My Body , My Future.

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