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Have a Spooktacular Feast with Fair Cape Dairies.

Halloween isn’t a South African holiday but its so much fun to dress up! Em loves to dress up and the thought of getting sweets from people, really excites her! It doesn’t help that she hears about Halloween and all its ghoulish fun from friends living in the States.

Fair Cape Dairies challenged me to create some Halloween inspired treats from their products.

I got my cauldron out and swished my wand to create some Fangtastic treats ( or are they tricks?)

(All these items are easy to make. You just need a little creativity. Em who is 4years old helped me with everything , so nothing is perfect )

Boo-nana Sundaes with Fair Cape Custard

Makes 2

What you needs:

1 x Fair Cape Custard (or one of the Fair Cape Mousses)

1 x small chocolate bar

1 x Banana (cut in half)

Tennis Biscuits (around + - 6 crushed)

10 x Blue Berries

2 x Toothpicks (cut in half to make 4)

2 x Serving bowls (small martini glasses work perfectly)


Step 1: Crush the tennis biscuits with a rolling pin. Then place in serving bowls.

Step 2: Place a few blue berries on top of the crushed biscuits (reserve 4 Blueberries)

Step 3: Pour Fair Cape Custard on top of the crushed biscuits to fill almost to the top of the glass.

Step 4: Cut the bananas in half.

Step 5: Create eyes for the banana ghosts with the blue berries. Use a toothpick cut in half to secure the blue berries. ( make sure the toothpicks are removed when eating the bananas)

Step 6: Use tip of a knife to create a mouth for each banana ghost.

Step 7: Place each banana ghost into the custard mixture. If the bananas keep falling over you can use a fruit skewer.

Step 8: Chops up some chocolate and sprinkle on top of the custard mixture. (you can add any sweets or fruit you fancy or even add some Fair Cape cream)

Spooky Spider Web fridge tart with Fair Cape yogurt and Fair Cape Cream

Makes 1 pie

What you need:

1 x Fair Cape plain yogurt

1 x Sachet of jelly powder (optional)

1 x Food colouring ( I chose red)

½ packet of tennis biscuits crushed

1 x Fair Cape Fresh Cream


Step 1: Crush the tennis biscuits with a rolling pin . Place in bottom of pie dish.

Step 2: Place ½ tub of Fair Cape yogurt into a mixing bowl. Add a few drops of food colouring and mix well.

Step 3: This step is optional. Pour the jelly powder into a mixing bowl and add some water(I did 1 cup of water) stir until the jelly powder is dissolved. Then add to the Yogurt mixture and mix together until completely combined.

Step 4: Pour the yogurt mixture over the biscuits.

Step 5: place in fridge until yogurt has set.

Step 6: Once yogurt mixture has set. Whip the Fair Cape cream until stiff.

Step 7: Place the whipped cream into a piping bag. Pipe a spider web design on top of the fridge tart.

Icky Sticky swamp ice-lollies with Fair Cape Yogurt.

What you need:

1 x Food colouring of your choice

1 x Fair Cape Yogurt ( few spoons)

1 x Jelly powder

Fruit of your choice ( I chose blue berries as they look like frogs eggs – you could even add chocolate or sour worms)

Ice lolly moulds.


Step 1 : Mix yogurt and jelly powder together.

Step 2 : add some food colouring and combine the mixture.

Step 3: Add some blue berries or fruit/sweets you have chosen into the ice lolly moulds.

Step 4: Pour the yogurt mixture into the moulds and place the lolly sticks into the mixture.

Step 5 : Place the moulds into the deepfreeze.

Step 6: The mixture takes about 3 hours to set. As soon as they have set you can eat the lollies.

For more freaky food fun follow @Faircape on Instagram and the Hashtags #Spooktacular and #FeelingFangtastic.

Find out more about Fair Cape Dairies here :

Note : This was a Trade Exchange.

I am not a qualified chef or cook. All my recipes are my own invention.

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