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Footy’s – a fruity fun drink

Footy’s is a sugar Free Cooldrink and flavouring system. Im going to be testing these products out and even using them in some recipes . Yipppeee! Recipe development – keep an eye out , Em and I have been busy in the kitchen .

So what is Footy’s?

Footy’s is not the new Clifton. Yes it is a flavouring that you mix into water to get a drink but it has so many other uses. Footy's is available as a ready to drink beverage and as a powder to mix into water. Footy’s isn’t just for drinking it can be used in various other way ; flavouring yogurt, ice lollies, jelly , slushies and so much more – Busy working on some fab dessert ideas!

Benefits of Footy’s:

· Sugar Free

· Diabetic Free

· GMO Free

· All Natural Ingredients

· High in Vitamin C ( winter is here !)

· Aspartame Free

· ADHD Friendly

· Contains No Preservatives

· Tooth Friendly

· Low in Kilojoules

· Banting Friendly

The above claims seem like a lot and almost too good to be true. This really made me interested in the products. A juice that is approved as part of The Heart and Stroke Foundation eating plan and Diabetes South Africa?

Footy’s is High in Vitamin C, which is important for growth ,repairing of body tissue, aids the absorption of iron, healing wounds, aids the immune system and helps maintain teeth and bones.

Available from: Selected retail outlets and health stores.

Want to know more about Footy’s, visit

·*Sponsored. This post is Sponsored by Footy’s in the form of a Trade Exchange. Eventhough the Post is Sponsored my views are still my own.

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