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Flipping easy DIY Mermaid Party for Emily's 4th Party

This year Em wanted a mermaid theme party. Which is actually really easy to do. Think , under the sea animals, pastel colours , some beach inspired elements and of course so beautiful mermaid shimmer! Most of the decorations Em and I made. We had fun in the lead up to the party by doing craft projects.

She was so proud showing off the stuff she had made and seeing the entire vision come together. It doesnt look professional - because it was made by a 4 year old.

Birthday party décor doesn’t have to include balloons and single use plastic decorations, which will inevitably end up in the ocean or in a landfill.

I will share some simple ways that I saved money and sanity while planning Emily’s party. It was a mostly no plastic, mostly no waste party ( mostly because I am not perfect)

Easy ways to save money:

  1. · No party packs to take home ( most parents will be happy you didn’t send more refined sugar home with their kids )

  2. · Choose a theme that is decorations are readily available (if you are not keen on DIY and making it yourself).

  3. · Use decor that can be reused for another party (bunting , Chinese lanterns).

  4. · Incorporate elements that are part of you home and decor. I have Large shells from Seychelles and Mauritius that I used as decor on the food table .

  5. · Make décor that you will keep after the party.

  6. · Some of the décor can be gifts for the guests to take home.

  7. · We used a Mermaid canvas that was one of Emily’s birthday gifts to go up in her room as a focal piece

  8. · Use food and drinks as décor too, keep them in the theme of the party.

  9. · Décor can also be used as entertainment. Such as a photo booth , lawn bowls or a Pinata. ( our mermaid Pinata is from King Cake and is currently sitting on a shelf in my daughters room. If you have the time and the know how you can make one )

  10. · Send e-vites or watsap the invite to guests. Design a invite in Canva , download it as a j.peg and send it to your guests.

  11. · Serve drinks in decanters or jugs. People drink less as they must actively pour the drink themselves. You can also make a signature punch or drink for the party. Dye the juice with food colouring.

  12. Make the cake (if you have the time) and decorate it. Its so much fun! We made Emily cake and bought a few icing mermaids tales from the bakery shop around the corner.

home made diy party decorations for mermaid party
Home made decor . DIY fish surrounded the sweets table.

Treasured memories.

Birthday parties dont have to be stressful and expensiveness. Rather go for the less is more approach and enjoy the company of your guests.

Photographs taken by : Caitlin Buys from Family Tree Photography.

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