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Easy Tree DIY Craft Project for children using Recycled products.

One of my Covid-19 Lock Down survival strategies is to keep Em (my 4-year-old) busy with craft projects. Out of necessity I have had to become a “crafty mom”, my creations are not PINTEREST worthy but Em loves them. I have now included Finger Paint and Glue into my Disaster Emergency Kit along with a First Aid Kit.

Easy DIY craft project for children using recyclable products from around the home. Make a tree craft on a budget.
Tree Craft Project

We have taken to displaying Em and my craft projects in our kitchen window so those who walk past can enjoy them. Granny has done a drive by to admire her grand babies artwork.

Those who have followed my blog for a while know I’m big into recycling. The great thing about this DIY project is that this stuff is probably lying around your home.

This craft project is great as it allows your child to be creative by using paint and creating their own picture, they can add any other elements that they want. It also works on their fine motor skills, cutting, gluing and pasting.

Items used:

· Scissors

· Glue (normal school glue)

· Super glue

· Large sheet of cardboard (old box – I cut a sheet from)

· Finger Paint (this can get messy)

· Paint Brush

· Egg Carton

· Inner cardboard tube (can be from paper towel ours is from a Picture that was couriered) or you can use multiple toilet roll inner.

· Cotton wool or cotton wool rounds

· Coloured paper for grass and the clouds.

Products and items required for easy DIY Tree Craft
Products required for Tree Craft

Step 1:

Paint the egg carton (this will be the leaves and branches of your tree) and leave to dry.

Step 2:

Paint the Inner cardboard tube (this will be the trunk of the tree) and leave to dry.

Step 3:

Grass: Draw a zig-zag design on green paper. Let you child cut along the lines (this is a great fine motor skill. helps build hand eye coordination and strengthen hand muscles for when they need to learn to write)

Step 4:

Paste the Grass onto the bottom of your sheet of cardboard.

Step 5:

Clouds: Draw cloud shapes onto paper colour of choice (Child can draw the clouds or parent can depending on child’s age) Then cut the shapes out. Paste the cotton wool onto the cloud shapes.

Step 6:

Glue the tree trunk to the cardboard sheet. Place the trunk just above the grass. Then glue painted egg carton (leaves and branches) just above the trunk of the tree. I had to use super glue for this bit as normal glue didn’t hold properly. Also make sure the paint is dry before trying to glue to the cardboard.

Step 7:

Glue the clouds around the tree.

All done! Easy craft for kids to do from items that you will have around the house. Now your kids can show off their creation.

Finished product of easy DIY tree craft for child to do with recycled materials
All Done! Tree Craft done.

Note: If you don’t have certain items be creative and use something else; Newspapers, tins, sandpaper … The items I used are just a suggestion, use whatever you have available.

Happy crafting and bonding with your children. Please share any craft projects that you have done.

Stay Safe!

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