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DIY : Paper fish for a party tutorial

We will be celebrating Em’s 4th Birthday soon. She wanted a mermaid theme party, so I had to start thinking of easy decor that will not break the bank. These cute little fish are ideal, as they are cheap and cheerful. Yes, I made my kid make her own party decor -annnnd she loved it!

DIY decor for Fish, mermaid or undersea party. Easy tutorial how to make own decor
Easy DIY Fish Decor, made from paper plate

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that i'm trying to cut down on waste. Waste that will eventually fill our landfills and end up in our oceans. When doing arts and crafts with Em , I like to re-purpose and reuse items from around the home.

A while ago we had a picnic party and it wasn’t possible to take proper porcelain plates so we had to take paper (it was honestly the cheapest and lightest option). I had these paper plates knocking around in the back of my cupboard so I have been re-purposing these for art activities.

These Fish are very cute and easy to make, involve the kids as much as possible depending on their age and skill set.

Easy Fish Decoration Tutorial

What you will need:

· Paper plates (any size is fine)

· Glue

· Scissors

· Paint (non-toxic finger paint)

· Paint brushes

· Googly eyes – also left over from a previous school art project. You can get these from any stationery store, I got these from my local Crazy store (Dollar store for my USA readers)

· Sticky tape/ Scotch tape

· Glass of water to wash brushes

· Plastic containers for the paint to be poured into, so the kids can have easy access to the paints

· Patience (or wine) for mom

Step by Step tutorial:

Step 1:Set up a table in an area of your home/ garden that is easy to clean.

Step 2: Put kids in old clothes or an apron(and yourself – this gets messy)

Step 3: Pour a little of each paint colour into a plastic container. One plastic container per a colour

Step 4: Put paper plates on the table and let the kids paint each paper plate. ( the can paint it all one colour or multiple colours) I chose blue and yellow paint and then showed Em that when you mix blue and yellow – green is the result.

Step 5: Let the paper plates dry.

Once paint is dry on plate. Flat lay of products needed for next steps to make fish. Googly eyes, glue, scissors.
Step 5: Let paint dry. You will need Googly eyes , glue and scissors for the next part of this DIY

Step 6: Cut a V shape out of one side of the plate ( this will form the tail and mouth of the fish )

Step 6 of DIY fish decor. Cut v shape out of one side of the plate. This will create the mouth and tail of the DIY fish
Step 6: Cut V out of one side of the plate. This is the tail and mouth of your fish

Step 7: Stick the tail on the unpainted side of the plate, opposite the side that you cut the V. You can use glue but I ended up securing the tails with sticky tape.

Stick the tail on the fish using glue and scotch tape. Stick they eye on the fish for this DIY fish decor project
Step 7, Stick on tail and eyes to the fish

Step 8: Glue on the googly eyes, where you want the eyes to be on the fish.


Easy DIY make own fish decor for kids party
Done! Final results of the Fish DIY. Ready to be stuck on the wall

Note: depending on the child’s age and ability , adult supervision will be required when working with scissors.

I will share more DIY projects we did for Ems Birthday.

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