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Are you completely out of your depth when it comes to homeschooling your kiddos? Da Vinci TV has your back with a host of shows that will entertain your littles while they gain knowledge and learn in a fun way.

Mom approved and child approved! What more could we ask for?

Shows on offer;

· Science Max will have kids doing experiments at home. Phil introduces scientific principles to children in a fun and exciting way. Thrilling experiments that your little Einstein can do at home.

· When I Grow Up -Explore Future Career Opportunities. When I Grow Up will show your kids all the different career fields that they could choose from in the future, and what those jobs entail. Mikaela is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Exploring her love of

science, she tries out lots of unique jobs, including a chocolate maker, a sport

statistician, a cosmetic scientist and a space technician, and takes your kids along for

the ride.

· Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch will get your kids into the kitchen.

Matilda inherited her love of cooking from her dad, the famous multi-Michelin starred

chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay. In every episode, she has fun with her family

and then cooks them a tasty meal, with easy to follow recipes. And at the end of the

day, she has a foodie chat with her dad. The show Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch has

some great hacks and tips for your kids to be inspired by and get started in the kitchen.

Who knows, they might even end up cooking your dinner tonight!

· Horrible Histories presents history as it really happened – with all the horrible bits left in! Did you know that a war was once fought over a bucket? Or that a seasick chicken ruined a Roman battle? This multi-award-winning series, introduces your kids to heroes, villains and ridiculous romantics. History has never been such fun, and these stories are bound to stay in your kids minds for years to come.

· Did You Know, will have you glued to the screen with mind blowing facts

Did you know that when you shiver you produce heat, or that doing sports boosts your

immune system? What about the fact that you can light up your house with plants?

Explore the world through science and separate fact from fiction as you

get behind the scenes to discover the secrets of life around us. Don’t be surprised if you

leave packed to the brim with “did you knows” to pepper into everyday conversation!

· Operation Ouch – time to meet doctors and identical twins Chris and Xand van

Tulleken as they prod and poke their way through medicine and biology. In this award

winning show, you’ll learn the answers to questions like, what makes us get travel sick

and how to avoid brain freeze. Packed with incredible stunts, crazy experiments and

amazing facts, Operation Ouch explores the fascinating world of biology and shows your

kids the awesome things the body can do.

Da Vinci Kids TV knows that parents are under pressure during the Covid-19 lockdown. They also know we care a lot about our children’s education. I am no teacher and appreciate any help I can get when it comes to keeping my little Em entertained and her mind growing.

Da Vinci is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, in that it encourages children and families to

explore, invent and pioneer. The channel prides itself on family viewing as the core of

their programming approach, with safe, non-violent, and true learning content.

Da Vinci TV can be found:

DSTV Chanel 318

StarSat 308

Vodacom via Video Play Kids

Follow Da Vinci Kids TV:

FB: @davincikidstv

Instagram: @davincitv


*Note: Information supplied by Press Release from Cat Cartsens.

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