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COVID– 19 Time Capsule - Family Activity

My family has so far been incredibly lucky that we haven’t been too affected by the Covid-19 Virus that has currently has most nations on Earth in its grip. We have been lucky that Em’s Dad can work from home. Em’s dad and I have made a conscious decision to try our hardest to not let the change in daily routine negatively affect Em. Everything has changed in such a small period.

After Em does her school assignment for the day, we do something fun. Fun activities include: Baking, doing an craft activity, imaginative play or swimming.

Coming up with clever craft ideas can be daunting, Luckily Fun Mamma SA created a Facebook group called Fun Mamma SA Rainbow Kids ( go check it out!) . She posts a daily craft idea. This has been a great resource for me.

One of the activities was this Covid-19 Time Capsule Diary with these lovely printables available from Long Creations.

We decided to do this activity as a family to do this activity. It will be a little diary for Emily to open when she is older and look back at this time.

What did we put in our Time Capsule?

· Long Creations – My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule ( Em coloured in the cover and we completed the activities inside)

· Medical glove (because Covid-19 )

· Family photo from her last birthday party at our current home.

· Shells we collected on the beach.

· Lavender from our garden.

· Unicorn – Em painted the unicorn and she love Unicorns.

· Bubbles – Em loves bubbles and we have hours of fun with them in the garden. My nickname is also Bubbles.

· Peri-Peri – this represents Em’s Dad. He loves spicy food and cooking on the braai.

We discussed as a family what to put into our time capsule and why we have put each item in the jar. This is a fun activity to get the family involved in. Get each family member to decide what they would like to put into the Time Capsule.

Covid 19 time capsule activity to remember the pandemic of 2020
Placed all the items in our time capsule .

You can leave the time capsule for the next family that moves into your home or keep it for a special Birthday, where you can all look back on this “interesting: time in our history.

Follow the below links for Long Creations and Fun Mamma SA.

Long Creations Printable :

Thanks @funmammasa for all these wonderful ideas. For more inspiration Follow Fun Mamma SA:

Sending strength and love to all during this tough time. Stay Safe.

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