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Christmas round up. 10 Christmas gifts for little girls.

It’s the Most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. I love that we get a much needed break after a busy year, soooooo 2020 has been a year of stress for many.

I have put together a list of 10 gift ideas for girls. These can be Birthday gifts or Christmas Gifts. Each item I have reviewed or tested a product from that company so I can vouch for the quality of the items.

Im not one for Cheap plasticky toys that break. I would rather spend a bit more money on something hand made from a local business. This often means that I buy less “stuff”.

1. Name Puzzle from

I got Emily a wooden name puzzle from EmmaKate . The puzzle are completely customisable ; colour scheme and theme.

The puzzle is a great way to teach a child to recognize their name and learn to spell it.

Price : Puzzles start from R330.00

2. Pips and Moo quality wooden toys, furniture and décor

I recently came across this wonderful company. Actually found it on Instagram.

Pips and Moo make quality wooden furniture and toys. Their products are made to last.

We have the lovely Lady Bug table and chair. Its so cute and Em loves reading books and playing with her toys on the table.

The matching chair is just darling. Perfect addition to her room.

We also have the 360 Balance Board - R630.00

The balance board helps encourage outdoor play, building core muscles and teach children to balance. These Balance Boards can be incorporated into Occupational Therapy activities.

I have my eye on a few other Pips and Moo products. The Kids Kitchen set is so cute, perfect for imaginary play or playdough. The Balance Beam looks like a fun addition to outdoor play equipment.

Take advantage of my promocode for a 10% discount : Code MommyCT.

3. Subscription to Smart Toy Club

The Smart Toy Club is a subscription service where they deliver a bag of toys every month. The toys have been cleaned properly. The toys delivered to you are specially selected for your Childs interests and developmental ability.

At the end of the month. You swop the bag of toys for a new bag of toys.

I absolutely love this concept! New toys every month, no unused toys piling up in the corner and toys are expensive!

This is a great gift for parents and the child. Why not buy a subscription to The Smart Toy Club ?

4. Bag of Joy

A Bag of Joy is a wonderful gift to get the littlies excited about the festive season.

The soul's joy lies in doing. Christmas is ultimately the season to give back, the season to Give Joy. For every Bag of Joy purchased, Elana and Kate will donate gifts to causes close to their hearts, thanks to You.

The most helpful of elves have created magical festive bags for kiddies, to give the ULTIMATE Christmas joy. Contained within are custom curated products by our little worker elves perfect for 1 child. Christmas Magic is in the air!

· 1 x custom designed reindeer stocking R260

· 1 x hand-made fabric advent calendar with all 25 x yummy sweets and choccies. R320

· 1 x bag of joy custom designed Pajamas of your choice R260

· 1 x pre-mix gingerbread man and toppings with cookie cutter. R180

· 1 x magical reindeer food R40

· 1 x reindeer hot choc pouches R30

· 1 x designer santa letter R15

· 4 x custom fabric napkins with santa friends on R120

· 1 x reindeer horns/santa hat R90

· 4 x custom designed DIY crackers R135

· 1 x access to spotify ultimate christmas playlist (created by experts for the best christmas experience)

· 1 x access to the best where-to-how-to guide to christmas (created by a group of moms and those who are in the know)

· 1 x access to the best kiddies movies suggestions for the festive season. (created by experts for the best kiddies christmas experience)

· 1 x custom bag of joy re-usable printed bag R50

Bag of Joy Price : R 1 499.00

5 .Get Crafty with Busy Bean Craft Boxes

The holidays can be long for the kids. Why not keep a artistic child busy with a lovely box filled with craft supplies. They could even make their own Christmas decorations.

The Craft Boxes start at R150.00.

Busy Bean stocks tons of products from books , educational toys and fun activities.

5. Me.Mi - Personalised name necklace

We got Emily a personalized name charm with her birth date. She is still a bit young to wear it but we will give it to her when she is a bit older.

Their customer service is exceptional.

Name necklaces are the perfect gift for older girls , tweens and teens.

They have various options at different price points.

6. Tale Time co – Online store filled with magic

Tale Time Co is a online store filled with amazing products for baby and mom. The owner specially selects items to sell that add magic back to childhoods.

Em and I love the Lunch Punch Unicorn . We made unicorn pizzas and heart sandwiches.


The Colour Monster book (Paperback) – R139.00. We are currently reading this book. Em loves it! The Colour Monster introduces the idea of feelings and emotions in a way, young children can understand.

Sensory Books. These cute sensory books are fabulous gifts for the really little ones. Great as Christmas, Birthday or even Baby shower gifts. Starting from R175.00

7. Characterful Personalised books

Characterful has a range of books that can be personalised. Each book can be customised for the child receiving the book. Their name is included into the story with their avatar being the hero.

Books start at R 399.00

Characterful also has an activity book and ABC book in their range.

Em really loves her personalized book where she goes on a adventure and is her own hero.

8. A Horse Called Pancakes.

Is your little one a horse lover? Then this book series is for her. Pancakes is a little horse but has a huge heart. Follow Pancakes on his adventures.

The book series is based in Cape Town South Africa. It is fun reading about places that Emily and I have visited.

Books are available on Takealot from R115.00

9. Ubuntu – Summer of the Rhino by Julia Johnson.

This book is close to my heart. Ubuntu – Summer of The Rhino is a book about Rhino Poaching in South Africa. It broaches the subject in away that little readers can understand.

A wonderful read for the entire family and a way to introduce the idea of conservation to children.

Proceeds from the sale of the book go to Rhino Conservation and the very real war on poaching.

Available on Loot

10. Make a donation in the child’s name to a charity.

There are many needy charities that need any assistance they can get. Find out what the child enjoys or has an interest in and donate to a charity in that field. Make up a certificate with the child’s name, explaining that this is who they are helping.

If the child loves horses, donate to - Rhino Revolution is on the front lines of the war on Rhino Poaching. They not only patrol game reserves, the educate the community, run dehorning campaign , train anti-poaching dogs and a rhino orphanage. - Little Brinks is a NPO that look after children in need, offering them a safe place . Little Brinks looks after children who have been removed from their parents ( for various reasons), Foster Children and mothers in need of help. Little Brinks also assists various needy communities with food parcels, clothing, airtime and electricity vouchers. Katherine Brink is a regular at family court fighting for the right of South African Children, lobbying the Government to change laws regarding Foster Care.

I also frequent Second Hand Stores and Charity shops. You find the most amazing things in these stores. When possible shop local and from a small company.

Christmas is the time of giving and spreading joy. Many people have had a terrible year financially. Don’t fall into the trap of overspending during this time. The knock-on effect that Lockdown and Covid-19 has had on our economy is not over yet.

If you cant afford tons of gifts rather buy one special gift or better yet make something meaningful.

Wishing you and your family all the best over the festive season. Enjoy the beautiful South African Summer Sunshine.


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