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Book Review: Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops by Jacqueline Pirtle

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A while ago I was contacted to see if I would like to do a review on this book. Initially I was like, “oh not another parenting book…” However after having a few hard weeks parenting , Emily. I decided to read the book and I am glad I did.

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops is less a book about how to parent , but how to bring joy to parenting and thus your lives.

We often get stuck in a rut , Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops will help inspire you to dig deeper into the enjoyment of being alive and being a Parent. The book has some nuggets of parenting wisdom that you can use and which i have tried to implement in my approach to parenting.

In Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops , teaches you about the 3 important pillars to better parenting:

-The Harmonious Dance

-It Is Never The Child

-The Love Cycle of Parenthood

Jacqueline Pirtle, a mom herself, carries you through the experience of parenthood by making spiritual and energetic sense of real physical-life parenting scenarios—while, as her highest priority, keeping children’s perspectives in mind.

In Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops , teaches you about the 3 important pillars to better parenting:

-The Harmonious Dance

-It Is Never The Child

-The Love Cycle of Parenthood

So has the book made me a better parent? I'm not sure. What it has done is to remind me to bring Joy to my life and my daughters, to enter into daily activities with gusto .

I have the choice to be grumpy and exhausted mom or I can be a happy mom. I have the choice to be miserable or happy. Being miserable is draining on your body and mind , while being happy is energizing.


An important first step for a parent is to relax and know that you really are wonderful just by being here and by being present— ready for your new life as a parent or ready to shift into a new way as a parent. You ARE magnificent!

I invite you to say, think, and feel the following words often:

“I AM a phenomenally powerful parent with a deep inner guidance and an infinite capability to love!”

Really breathe into these words, and feel your shift to being and living in a frequency of peacefulness, openness, pure-ness, right-ness, and goodness—your heart space and your soul being.

Acknowledge that you are NOT here to impress anyone, anything, or life itself––especially not your children. You are here to simply BE; nothing else. Feel the release of all resistance and the pressure-free space that you create for yourself by acknowledging this.

So what does to BE or not to BE really mean?

Do you think to BE means you have to have hard times and BE miserable? I surely hope not, because to BE clearly means to feel well, to be happy, to enjoy, and to feel excited about your existence and expansion. Just think about how well you feel by reading the first few paragraphs about your magnificence, and how wonderful it feels to acknowledge that all you have to do is BE your soul being which is pure positive energy.

Now shift your focus to your children. Let them – born or unborn – know that they too are wonderful and magnificent just as they ARE. Fill them in, that coming into this physical life means they are here to BE themselves—nothing else. Let your child know of this magic and well-feeling through loving and uplifting words, thoughts – every thought is energy that is shared – actions, happenings, and, for older children, through explanation and education.

Make well-feeling a priority for you because it spreads to your children, filling every single cell of their whole being – body, mind, soul, consciousness – with goodness, and it returns that high-for-life energy to you like a boomerang.

Think about the incredible power that is used to lift a sinking ship to be afloat again—you feeling wonderful is that power that can lift any child to be emotionally afloat again.

Feeling wonderful IS powerful!

About The Author:

Jacqueline Pirtle is a holistic practitioner, a healing arts teacher and mentor, and the bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness.

Her professional background is in holistic wellness and natural living. She holds various international wellness degrees, and is an international certified Reiki Master.

Her passion for mindful happiness shines through in all of her work and life – helping parents to parent harmoniously and clients to shift into a “high-for-life” frequency.

Jacqueline has been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, BuzzFeed, Elephant Journal, Bustle, NBC News-Better and has appeared on Women Inspired TV, The Sunday School Radio Show, WoMRadio, and more. Her article “Are You Happy?” is in print in The Edge Magazine.

Where can you get the book:

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops was released in September 2019 and is available for sale on Amazon. To learn more, go to

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