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Big adventures for little explorers. Trusted product and brands.

We are about to set off on mini adventure, which I’m incredibly excited about!. I thought I would share with you some of my tried and tested products that I always included in Em’s bag when we travel.

Em has incredibly sensitive skin and prone to eczema, this has led me to always be on the lookout for skincare products that are extra gentle on her skin. I also try to buy products that are as natural as possible.

products to pack for children when traveling. Products for sensitive skins, mosquito spray and repellent,
My favorite products for little travelers

What is in Emily’s overnight bag:

Baby Dove : Lotion and Head to Toe Wash ( Travel size)

Baby Dove products are a staple in our home. I have used the Head to Toe wash on Emily from when she tiny. The gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes as the products have been specifically formulated for Babies delicate skin.

I keep the travel bottle and refill them with Baby Dove products. I like to recycle the bottle as much as possible.

You can pick up Baby Dove products from most Super markets and Pharmacies.

Calamine Lotion:

I don’t leave home without Calamine Lotion. Both Emily and her dad have sensitive skin and prone to getting eczema. Kids being kids , Emily will in evidently get a rash of some sort from playing outside. I find that Calamine lotion helps soothe the irritated area. Works great on insect bites and spider bites. It is also cheap as chips and both Clicks and Dis-Chem have generic varieties. Add this to you overnight bag or First Aid Kit.

Wynnya Mosquito and Insect repellent and Lava Bracelet:

I was gifted this last year. Emily decided that she loved the bangle and wants to wear it all the time, Im happy for her to wear the lava bangle as it has insect repellent on it and will help ward off mosquito that love to chomp on young little arms and legs.

Wynnya Mosquito Repellent is an all natural and fragrant blend of mosquito and inspect repellent essential oils. You apply the insect repellent directly on to the lava beads of the bracelet or onto exposed skin to ward off unwanted insects.

Warning : essential oils should not be ingested. Its important to keep an eye on your child if they are wearing this type of bracelet. Don’t give this bracelet to a child who still puts items in their mouth as it could be a chocking hazard.

Nunuki’s Maxi’s Pesky Bug Cream

Nunuki is a fabulous local brand that is made with natural ingredients and is paraben free. I bought this product myself after being referred by a friend last year. Now it is a staple in Emily’s overnight bag and gets packed when ever we do outdoor excursions. Nothing can make a fun trip outside become a pain than being bitten by insects and other pests.

Special Ingredients: with Avocado, Grape Seed, Citronella and

Lemongrass Oil & Shea Butter

Nunuki Pesky Insect Repellent *: Image supplied

Nunuki is the brainchild of Nána (Nanaki) Lloyd. The range was developed in partnership with a panel of South African experts and a

best-in-class pharmaceutical company. Nunuki® believes that fun is as important as science – so the

creators have ensured that they manufactured the best quality skincare, with natural active

ingredients even for the most sensitive skin. Each product has been dermatologically tested and

approved. Should a child’s skin have an adverse reaction, they guarantee customers 100% of their

money back. As a further stamp of approval, Nunuki® has also received the CANSA Seal of

Recognition for the entire range.

Nunuki® is available to purchase at selected Kids Emporium stores, Pick ‘n Pay stores, leading

pharmacies, independent baby boutiques or

Natura Rescue melts for Baby.

Traveling can be stressful, even for the littlies, everything is different and they are out of their usual schedule and routine. The first night we stay someone new, Emily always ahs a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Im not a fan of sleeping pills , especially for young children.

These Natura Rescue melts literally just take the “edge off” and assist the child in relaxing so that they can fall asleep naturally. Made from a homeopathic – flower essence combination that helps relive distress or tearfulness. The melts are easy to use and its difficult to overdoes on these pills.

Find out more about the products here :

Handy tip for when traveling with children. Always take long a snugly toy of theirs. Their toys will give them comfort in the new environment and will be something familiar. We have packed “Puppy”, she has a wonderful lavender scent which helps with anxiety and relaxation. I take our own pillows with us when we travel. Make sure you don’t leave your pillow behind, by putting a bright colored pillowcase on the your pillows so you will be able to tell your pillow apart from the hotels pillows.

Do you have any handy traveling tips or what products do you always pack?

Little girl infront of Tabel Mountain South Africa. Table bay . View from Blouberg Beach.
My little explorer about to set out on another adventure

Note: This is not a paid for post. Opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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