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{App Review} Names for you little one

4 years ago Emily came into our lives. While pregnant I remember spending hours searching baby naming websites and crating lists of names I liked. Chris and I would discuss each name usually disagreeing on the names that the other likes.

It is weirdly stressful trying to choose the perfect name for your newborn. A name is important as it will be with your child for their entire life.

When you name your child you suddenly remember how many people you don’t like! Everyone has has an opinion on names, some even find it hard to hide their disdain for the names you like.

Chris and I had 4 names that we really liked , that we both were happy to name our child. After Emily was born, we chose the name that we felt suited her the most.

Liking more traditional English names that are easy to spell, the name on our list were;

· Emily

· Charlotte

· Aria

· Clara

Each parent has different criteria when it comes to naming their child;

· Some want something unique or want a unique spelling

· Some want a unisex name

· Some want a traditional name

· Some a trendy name

Recently I was asked to review a Baby Naming app called

The easiest way to find your baby's name! Search though thousands of names, browse alphabetically, or use the random name generator to find your baby boy or girl's name. Like your favorite names and drag and drop to reorder them.

Its available on Android app here:

And its is also installable as a progressive web application if your are on the web, Linux, Windows or on iOS at

Thoughts on the App:

The app is really easy to use.

I enjoyed that the website is also an app I could have on my phone. A app on your phone is way more convenient that websites or bulky books.When you hear a name you like, you can add it to your list.

The app was created by South African parents that were having difficulty selecting a name for their child. I often find international sites don’t have many South African names.

Naming your child should be a fun , bonding experience for parents.

Have fun and explore names you wouldn’t really think about naming your child. Even though

I am not pregnant or planning to fall pregnant , I enjoyed using the app and website.

Sent the link onto people who know who are expecting and have fun choosing baby names.

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