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A Year of blogging.

How did a year of blogging sneak up on me? The past year was filled with lots of changes.

When I started Mommy In Cape Town, I was looking for a creative output. I had so many thoughts in my head that I needed to get out. I wasn’t sure that this little blog would become anything or that anyone would read the blog.

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog posts or follows on my Social Media pages. It’s the readers who make this worth it. I love reading your messages and interacting with you. I’m glad not just my family read my blog posts.

My Fellow Bloggers and the blogging community, without your guidance and encouragement I may have stopped a long time ago. I have been surprised by how many Blogger shave encouraged me to keep at it and supported me throughout this past year. I have met so many great people and have made some new friendships, I hope in this coming year they may bloom. I am a rather shy person and social gatherings put my anxiety into hyper gear. Blogger Meet-Ups and media launches have made me step out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

Mommy In Cape Town has introduced me to brands that I never knew existed. I have a new passion for supporting local brands, small businesses and being eco-conscious. Thank you to the brands who have put their trust in me and decided to work with my fledgling blog. There are so many other bloggers out there with a much bigger reach, with more followers. I’m hoping to collaborate with more brands this year and grow our businesses together.

Working with brands I have never heard of before, has forced me to try new products and experiences I wouldn’t have previously. Some of these products have converted me to a new way of thinking, changed my consumer behaviour and how I choose to spend my money.

Through my blog, I have started to inspect my parenting style. I’m trying to approach parenting differently. Lots of retrospection has happened, where I look at how I react and behave in a certain circumstance. I’m trying to bring joy back into parenting and thus bringing joy to my daughter. I want her to have a mother who is present and in the moment with her.

I have become more accepting of others and myself. Blogging has exposed me to so many people and different was to approach the world and parenting. Blogging has taught me that everyone has an interesting story and something to share.

Blogging has helped me gain new skills and pursue new hobbies, along with studying again.

Thank you to everyone who has embarked on this journey with me. Mommy in Cape Town has been a bit of a sanctuary for me. I look forward to what another year of Blogging will bring.

I love hearing feedback from those who read my articles. If there is a topic you would like me to explore, please let me know.

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mommy in cape town. Celebrating one year of blogging
Mommy In Cape Town. Celebrating 1 year of Blogging


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