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7-year anniversary gifts ideas

This year marks Chris and my 7 year Wedding Anniversary. I'm not going to write a long sappy post – because that ain't our style. We actually both cringe a bit at overly sentimental, gushy posts on social media. We prefer to tell each other how rad they are to their face.

7 Year Anniversary is a bit of a milestone and we started discussing Anniversary gifts. Neither of us is terribly sentimental or follows traditions but it opened up a discussion about traditional versus modern anniversary gifts. Well … this set me off down the proverbial rabbit hole that is the internet.

So if you are nearing your 7 year anniversary and looking for gifts, I have compiled some gift ideas.

Traditional: Copper and Wool

Traditionally, Copper and Wool gifts are exchanged at the 7-year mark.

Why Copper? According to Greek Mythology, the durable copper metal attracts love and repels evil spirits.

Wool. Wool symbolises warmth and comfort.

Modern: Desk Sets and Stationery.

If you are more of a modern couple, you may want to gift desk sets and stationery. This gift symbolizes that you respect your spouses' career and want to encourage them to pursue their dreams. With many of us working from home these days, nice stationary will make the workday more pleasant.

Colour: Traditionally the colour Yellow is associated with the 7 year anniversary or Off White ( if yellow isn’t your vibe) Yellow is a bright sunny, happy and optimistic colour.

Stone: Onyx is also known as “Gem of Saturn.” Saturn is the planet of Karma. What you put out into the world you get back. It is believed that Onyx is a grounding stone and can help relieve stress and anxiety. This inky black stone is very dramatic and can be worn by both men and women.


Copper ideas:

Jewelry is always a good idea. One of my favorite local designers Katmelon Jewelry has tons of unique pieces.

Delicious monster earrings from Katmelon Jewelry



I SAW THIS UNIQUE IDEA by Voice and Sound on Haven’t found a South African site that makes this yet ( the supplier doesn't deliver to South Africa ). A copper soundwave wall print of your first dance song. Perfect for a music lover.

Time to upgrade your cocktail game with these Set of Shaker from Copper Monkey

While you are upgrading the bar, get some premium South African Spirits from Copper Republic Distilling co.

For the chef or the couple that likes to cook together. Get some new copper pots and pans. Scanpan has a host of quality pots and pans.

This Artesà Key Bowl / Serving Bowl with Copper Finish is absolutely beautiful. The inside is bamboo. Perfect for dinner parties or for decor

I love this copper Namib planter from Coricraft.

Wool ideas:

The Cotton Company has these luxurious Waffle Weave Turkish Towels in bright summer colours . Grab a yellow one and snuggle up .100% cotton

You can buy them at >>

Karoo Farm Box is a proudly South African company, showcasing the best products available from the Karoo. Think warm woolen socks, mohair blankets, sheep slippers, coffee, and homemade delicacies. You can order a gift box or buy items individually.

Desk sets:

Stationery can seem a bit boring but you can really buy something unique and personalized; a beautifully engraved pen set or quirky stationery. Buy items that will brighten up their works space or office.

Upgrade your working space with some multipurpose hanging baskets from Baskiti. Baskiti is a range of handwoven hanging storage baskets and handmade accessories which includes the J-Hook for the Baskiti as well as the Veggie Tote bag, Baskiti Liner which goes inside the Baskiti, and additional wall hooks.

Tora Grace Memory Stick ~ "Each Memory Has A Soundtrack Of Its Own"

This memory stick is from Tora Grace ( check out the other products on offer!) . Load this with your favorite music or photos.

Places to go. In a way, I prefer experiences as gifts. It allows you to create new memories with your partner. Here are 4 ideas of places to go that contain the world Copper or have something to do with wool.

Do you celebrate Anniversaries by giving traditional gifts?

The most important thing to remember when giving a gift is that it should be heartfelt. It really doesn’t have to be crazy expensive (recession!). A Beautiful blanket, warm socks, or a custom print is more than enough.

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