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4WKS , Compostable Coffee Pods

Shifting Coffee, Culture and Habits.

The coffee culture in Cape Town is undeniable. Cape Town has some of the best roasteries and baristas. There is a coffee shop on almost every corner. Coffee is so ingrained in my daily life, that my day doesn’t start without a hot brew. A few years ago, we purchased a Nespresso™ machines. which we loved but the novelty wore off when I saw all of the coffee pods that were being tossed in garbage.

Soooo I did a happy dance when I found out about 4WKS. 4WKS produces compostable coffee pods that fit a Nespresso™ machines..

Coffee pods that have the best freshly roasted coffee but are specially designed to decompose in your home composter.

Made from sugarcane and designed for a home compost heap, take 4 weeks to start breaking down and in 2 months will have decomposed!

4WKS have partnered with some of Cape Towns best micro-roasters : Deluxe Coffeeworks, Naked Coffee, Terbodore Coffee Roaster and Rossetta Roastery.

The coffee pods work exactly the same way a Nespresso™ Pod. would work.

Did you know coffee grounds are good for the soil and plants.

Price: From R 360.00 a jar for 30 Pods .

Sold in refills of 30 Pods – works out to between R8 -R9 a pod (depending on which coffee brand you buy).

Shop here :

They currently deliver around Cape Town and The Winelands.

Now I can sip on my favourite coffee with a clear conscience . It is the small changes that make a big difference in preserving our planet.

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