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3 Pretty and plastic free products for your kitchen

I have embarked on a journey to make my home more sustainable. I am slowly replacing single use plastics with more sustainable alternatives. I have started in my kitchen with implementing small changes, by changing the way I consume products and modifying my behavior in small ways.

As the person in my household that oversees the grocery shopping and the preparation of meals, the onus is really on me to make these changes for my family. Children mimic the behavior of their parents, so it is imperative that we teach our children sustainable behaviors.

Single use plastics are plastic products that are only used once and then discarded. These plastic products end up in landfills, water systems and our oceans. There has been a lot of information in the media trying to educate the public about single use plastics and why they are bad for the environment.

One myth that surrounds Green Alternatives is “Eco friendly products are soooo expensive!” and “they are so boring “or “ not the best quality and inconvenient”

The further I get on my sustainability journey the more I am finding a large variety of amazing alternatives that are aesthetically pleasing.

3 of the products I have worked into our lifestyle are:

1. Bees Wax wraps

2. Fabric pot and bowl covers

3. Metal straws

I decided to start with small changes. Taking small baby steps to a greener, plastic free life.

Plastic free alternatives for your kitchen. Metal straws , fabric dish covers and wax wraps. Eco options, no single sue plastics.
3 plastic free products to add to your "Green" kitchen

Bees wax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap and plastic sandwich bags.

I use the Bees wax wraps to wrap sandwiches for school lunch boxes and leftovers. Wrapping of fruit and vegetables.

· The Bees Wax Wraps help preserve food.

· Wipe clean.

· They come in a variety of amazing colours and designs.

I found some amazing wax wraps at a local company Three Cats by Da Gama Trading, which sell their Wax Wraps on

Fabric Pot, dish and bowl covers.

Oh how I love my dish covers from Spaza Store!

These have been one of my favourites finds so useful and oh so pretty!

· Perfect to put over salads and other meals to stop fly’s from sitting on the food.

· Place over leftovers (instead of plastic wrap)

· Over meals you are transporting to a braai or dinner party.

Spaza Store has a variety of shapes, sizes and colour schemes.

These bowl covers look so much nicer than plastic wrap.

Metal Straws.

I decided to use metal straws instead of plastic straws. The metal straws are a more durable option to the wood/bamboo or glass alternatives. I have a 4-year-old daughter – accidents happen so metal was the best option.

The metal straws come in a handy pouch and come with a cleaning brush and are also dish washer safe. I take these straws with me to restaurants and when we go out for the day.

Many restaurants are now straw free zones, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good – less single use plastic.

Bad – my daughter will spill her drink and still finds it hard to drink from big glasses.

This is where the metal straws have made my life easier

There are many options available for reusable straws. Find one which works for your lifestyle.

The metal straws also look great in cocktails or milkshakes.

Metal straws, fabric bowl cover, Wax wraps . 3 simple, pretty and easy to use plastic free products.
3 Pretty , Plastic Free alternatives

These 3 simple items will make your kitchen not only more sustainable but also prettier!

The trick is to start simple. See what fits into your lifestyle and start there. Don't go out and buy every "Green" "Eco" product you can find. This is not only expensive but also just as bad for the environment. Rather use what you already have and when that is finished then swap over to a more sustainable option.

At the moment i still have some Tupperware containers. I will carry on using these until all the lids are lost ( you know this will happen) When that happens I will then buy some metal containers or Bamboo fibre options.

I will be sharing more easy and frugal ways to making your home plastic free and more sustainable.

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